Counter scaling issues by identifying key formation mechanisms

ScaleChem combines the most advanced thermodynamic models for electrolytes and scale inhibitors with innovative new approaches to model scale formation kinetics.



Scale predictions: Any scale, anywhere

Leverage ScaleChem’s extensive thermodynamic database and innovative modeling tools to predict and manage scale formation under conventional, unconventional and extreme temperature, pressure and salinity environments. Featuring an intuitive interface designed to deliver quick and reliable results, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing risks.

Advanced prediction capabilities

Predict the formation of conventional and exotic inorganic scales for a wide range of operating conditions.

Extensive thermodynamic database

Most comprehensive thermodynamic database built over 40 years.

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Automated material balancing

Gas/oil/water/solid material balance is rigorously included in every in every calculation, from reservoir conditions to water re-injection/disposal.

Kinetic modeling

Classical nucleation theory is used in ScaleChem to include the kinetics of scale formation and calculate scale induction times.

Scale inhibitors

Model the impact of scale inhibitors on the kinetics of precipitations. Choose pre-selected inhibitors or add your own.

Custom data

Add scale inhibitor test data to your private database and tune your model to experimental results.


Enhancing operational efficiency with cloud-based water chemistry solutions

Delivering extensive water chemistry expertise and unique cloud automation, ScaleChem provides users access to powerful insights anywhere, anytime. This capability allows firms like Creedence Energy Services in North Dakota to automate process design and enhance operational analysis, accelerating well monitoring and reducing the risk of mineral scaling. Learn more about how OLI tools enhanced their operational efficiencies in this case study.


To effectively manage and optimize your operations, ScaleChem offers a suite of advanced capabilities tailored to address specific challenges and enhance operational safety and efficiency.

H2S partitioning calculations

Accurately track and manage H2S concentrations for safety and integrity.

MEG and methanol modeling

Model scale formation with MEG and methanol inclusion.

Online automation

Automate scale risk assessments in near real time. Automatically load water chemistry, well temperature and pressure, rates and all relevant information. View your scale prediction results in convenient reports in your own online dashboard tools.

Expert technical support

Get expert help from OLI industry experts for complex scaling challenges.


Scale risk

ScaleChem calculates scale risk profiles from reservoir to water injection / disposal, identifying critical scale risk points to optimize chemical treatment. It auto-generates scale contours for a range of T and P so you can quickly see how the scale risk varies from current conditions. Both MEG and methanol systems are covered.

Facilities modeling

ScaleChem models topside facilities so you can check scale risk here too. Advanced features determine H2S partitioning in the oil, gas and water phases, enabling a check against material and safety limits.

Contour diagram

Temperature / pressure contour diagrams can be automatically generated for tens of thousand of points. The changes in scale potential as well as in any other calculated property can be conveniently visualised and exported as graphs or tables.

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Comprehensive analysis and strategic chemistry insights

Proven experience across thousands of oil & gas applications


Sophisticated predictive insights for multi-component environments

OLI solutions offer in-depth assessments and forecasts for the behavior of electrolyte and non-electrolyte streams in multi-component settings, using calculations based on first principles for multi-point equilibrium. Our software and services are designed to improve operational efficiency, sustainability and productivity across diverse conditions, across a broad spectrum of industries.

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

Comprehensive electrochemistry research, providing equilibrium calculations for single points, as well as detailed survey, mixing and separation analyses.

OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer

Predict general and localized corrosion rates, alloy depletion profiles and metal stability to aid in material selection and operations.

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Steady-state simulation of multi-phase systems to optimize process design, aid in troubleshooting operations and ensures adherence to compliance standards.

Learn more about Flowsheet: ESP