Sustainability is not a choice

The deep commitment to make the world a better place is imperative for future generations—from clean air and water and purity of land and natural resources to conservation, energy storage, renewable energy and recycling.

"The flexibility of the model and technical support OLI Systems provides are innovative and give us a great technical tool to support our customers."

Kathleen Willis

Technical Advisor, Athlon, a Halliburton Service

Electrolyte and water chemistry influence sustainability

OLI’s comprehensive property database, modeling frameworks and software tools address many of the fundamental reactions and phenomena that impact sustainability. Over the last five decades, only OLI has introduced unique capabilities to enhance sustainability of chemical processes in oil and gas, chemicals, mining, power generation and water treatment applications.

Insights to accelerate sustainable chemical processes

Model based analytics provide predictive and prescriptive insights.

Desulfurization to enhance air quality

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions produced by fossil fuel combustion in gasoline refining and the production of cement, paper, glass, steel, iron and copper contribute to acid rain that harms sensitive ecosystems and causes significant respiratory issues in humans. OLI’s Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte model available in OLI software platform helps engineers, scientists, and operators enhance air quality and improve regulatory compliance by reliably predicting phase, chemical equilibrium and kinetic processes in flue-gas desulfurization.

Eliminating toxic contaminants in water treatment

Toxic elements like mercury, arsenic, lead, selenium and various actinides are harmful to the environment and plant, animal and human life. At the same time, formation of mineral scales such as struvite affects water treatment processes. The vast chemistry property database and thermodynamic models in OLI software accurately simulates toxic contamination during industrial water and wastewater treatment.

CO2 Capture to lower carbon footprint

OLI systems partnered with SRI international to develop their mixed-salt process (MSP) for CO2 Capture with the OLI-developed thermodynamic model, property database, capture process models and corrosion insights for materials selection. OLI joined forces with the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) to develop a methodology to increase the reliability of CO2 transportation facilities.

Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

The storage of millions of gallons of radioactive and chemical waste from the nuclear industry poses a significant threat to the environment. OLI’s thermodynamic model and chemistry properties deliver unique chemistry insights for safe storage and subsequent processing in waste treatment plants for disposal.

Energy storage and battery materials

The extraction, purification and recycling of critical materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt, and rare earth elements (REE) as well as the production of hydrogen for energy storage applications is strategic to renewable energy applications. Accurate simulation of electrolyte behavior with OLI technology enhances material yields and lowers energy storage costs.


Comprehensive software tools for sustainability insights

Unique capabilities to address how electrolytes impact the environment

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

In-depth chemistry analysis tool

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OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer

General, localized corrosion prediction tool

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Process design tool with in-depth chemistry analysis

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Consulting expertise to address sustainability challenges

Engage OLI sustainability experts to design equipment and processes or troubleshoot operations.

Lithium Extraction, Purification and Recycling

Leverage OLI’s unique chemistry models and expertise to maximize yields, lower costs and enhance sustainability.

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Water and wastewater Treatment

Successfully eliminate toxic contaminants and heavy metals with effective filtration systems with expertise from OLI and advanced electrolyte technologies.

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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration

Use expertise from OLI and CO2 chemistries to design and operate CO2 capture, transportation and storage processes efficiently.

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On the cutting edge of sustainability

Multiple resources that showcase electrolyte technology applications for enhanced sustainability.

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