Automate the analysis of multiple chemical streams simultaneously. Predict key properties, like pH, conductivity, scaling and corrosion rates, and other pertinent values.

Create your own interface with the OLI Engine or use interfaces to process simulators to simulate chemistry behavior and predict optimal operating envelopes and mitigate risk of scaling and corrosion.

The OLI Engine: Developer Edition adds electrolyte calculations to custom Windows applications. Use the capability to create custom calculation interfaces.

There are two options to access the OLI Engine – The Developer Edition described here (Fortran code with C wrappers and C++ classes) and the OLI API (C++ code layered on top of Core Interface with VBA development required for MS Excel). This is described below.


Key Capabilities

  • Multiple Equilibrium calculation options – standard, isothermal, pH, precipitation points, custom
  • Properties and phase separations
  • Pourbaix diagrams (E-pH diagrams)
  • Corrosion rates calculation
  • Accepts private OLI databanks


Sample applications

  • Embed OLI Engine as a property method in a any flowsheet simulator
  • Automated calls to the OLI platform from a software platform
  • Customize MS Excel spreadsheets with OLI calculations using VBA

OLI provides Custom interfaces that link the OLI Engine to commercial process simulators. They are used to improve the accuracy of process design.

The OLI Alliance Engine is available for Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, Aveva PRO/II, Honeywell UniSim Design, KBC Petro-SIM, Kenwalt SysCAD,PSE gPROMs, and Schlumberger Symmetry.


Key Capabilities

  • Electrolyte Property Package built on OLI’s thermodynamic framework
  • All three OLI thermodynamic framework are available
  • OLI specific unit operations such as precipitator, neutralizer, crystallizer, OLI flash block
  • Process flow diagram with electrolyte modeling and phase equilibrium balance
  • Accurate and rigorous pH and Ionic phase predictions
  • Exact thermophysical properties calculations to determine feasibility of chemical processes


Sample Applications

  • pH control for industrial chemical processes
  • Gas sweetening in oil & gas processing
  • Regulatory and environmental limits for air, water quality enhancement
  • Scrubbers for refining and chemicals industries to enhance air quality
  • Amine sweetening and regeneration for improving refining process efficiency
  • Wastewater treatment to identify and eliminate toxic contaminants
  • Chlor-alkali brines analysis to enhance process design
  • Acid stream neutralization to mitigate corrosion risk in industrial applications


Electrolyte insights in Windows applications and process simulators

Access the OLI Engine from custom Windows applications and the leading chemical process simulators to improve process design, operations performance and sustainability

Use the most comprehensive electrolyte simulation tools

Talk to OLI experts to learn how you can utilize OLI electrolyte tools to analyze chemistry, mineral scaling and corrosion in your preferred application or process simulator