Predict chemical behavior, mineral scaling and corrosion for better design and operations

Manage operating conditions with chemistry insights to raise output by reducing scale formation and corrosion under a variety of conditions including high temperature and pressure in drilling, completion, production and flow assurance operations.

Increase asset reliability and lower costs in refining operations by mitigating corrosion risk with proactive maintenance and process optimization in crude distillation, hydrotreater, FCC and HF Alkylation units with chemistry-based integrity operating windows.


Eliminate toxic emissions and contaminants in water and reduce CO2 footprint

Utilize chemistry insights to eliminate toxic hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals like mercury, selenium and arsenic in produced water treatment to comply with regulations like the Clean Water Act.

Optimize flue gas desulfurization processes to meet stringent air quality standards like the Clean Air Act. Capture, transport and sequester CO2 effectively from upstream and downstream operations.


Unleash real-time insights to accelerate operations excellence

Deliver chemistry insights based on plant data to manage operating conditions using well-defined integrity operating windows to mitigate corrosion risk, enhance asset reliability and increase sustainability.

Minimize scale formation and corrosion during production and flow assurance and eliminate toxic contaminants from water treatment with automated, real-time insights.


The OLI software portfolio for scientists, engineers and operators

Windows-based desktop and cloud offerings for all user types and applications.

OLI Studio

Windows desktop offering for chemistry analysis, mineral scaling and corrosion management.

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Process simulation and design software with energy, mass and species balance and in-depth chemistry insights.

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OLI Engine

Electrolyte technologies in third-party, Windows-based process simulators (Aspen Plus/ HYSYS, PRO/II) and applications (OSISoft, PowerBI) with APIs.

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OLI Cloud Platform

OLI Cloud APIs and OLI Cloud Apps for anywhere, anytime access for all users and applications.

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Professional services rooted in deep domain expertise

Upstream and downstream, OLI delivers audit, assessment and turnkey consulting services to enhance design and operational effectiveness using electrolyte chemistry insights and technical applications expertise.

Create more accurate models for research and design, optimize materials selection, maximize yields and reduce unplanned downtime with OLI consulting services.

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Proven experience, thousands of applications and use cases

Access deep insights to Improve design and operations performance.

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