Online courses

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OLI Systems' online training will help you get the most out of your software. OLI experts in process chemistry simulation possess years of experience and understand complex chemical processes. OLI has honed its delivery of virtual training and believes it is the ideal setting to pass on knowledge.

Software courses

Software courses are designed to support the best use of OLI state-of-the-art tools. Helping you understand the complex electrolyte chemistries and achieve the most accurate and efficient results.

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer is the base OLI program to understand complex electrolyte chemistry. It is a powerful tool that allows users to gain insights into chemistry via an intuitive user interface.

OLI Studio: ScaleChem tool is designed to simulate oil and gas production chemistry from the reservoir to the point of transportation. It is particularly suited to study the formation of fouling solids and incompatible mixing of brines.

Using OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer software helps engineers understand two problems. Firstly, is my metal/alloy stable in my fluid and second, if it isn’t stable, how fast will it corrode and is my system at risk for failure.

This course helps gives you insight to electrolyte processes, how best to solve the simulations and how to develop best practices in simulation.

Industry courses

OLI courses help you to further understand your chemistry and processes. The courses provide best practices for designing your simulations which in turn can help you develop new processes, improve efficiency and design experiments.

OLI has a vast experience with refining processes. This course will help you understand the complex chemistry of HF Alkylation and how to best avoid water dew point corrosion and failure issues.

Specialist courses

OLI’s specialty courses are for the OLI user who understands electrolyte chemistry but needs to dive deeper into theory and simulation. These courses allow the users to become experts in electrolyte process simulation.

OLI’s extensive database covers over 3000 species. However, you might have need for a species not yet covered or have your own data. The regression course gives you the ability to create your own database.

Classroom training

Join the OLI experts in person

Training classes can also be delivered in-person, at your facility or at a third-party venue. These classes provide the same level of professional teaching that our virtual courses offer but also provide attendees the benefit to engage with OLI experts in a more personal manner, often allowing further analysis of the participant's specific process.

Global availability

OLI has vast experience of delivering in-person classroom training sessions and has been organized and successfully delivered across all the major continents. OLI offers customizable training to suit specific needs. For example, we have recently held training on how to design corrosion experiments using autoclaves at high temperatures – topics not currently covered in our virtual portfolio of courses. The cost of bespoke courses depends on your contracted service level.

Meet the trainers

Industry and simulation experts on hand to further your understanding of OLI solutions

The OLI course leaders all bring a vast array of experience, each holding advanced degrees. The background of our engineering team includes industrial experience in upstream/downstream oil and gas production, corrosion prediction, scaling inhibition and bulk chemicals and experimental design. Each course is appointed a tutor selected on their own area of expertise meaning that students will benefit from the most knowledgeable simulation expert available.

AJ Gerbino

VP of Consulting and Application Engineering

Leslie Miller

Senior Application Engineer

Diana Miller

Senior Applications Engineer and Pre-sales Lead

Ezequiel Vicent

Director of Consulting

Linton Wong

Application Engineer

Jim Berthold

Vice President of Client Support

Margaret Lencka

Director of Thermophysical Modeling

Gaurav Das

Senior Chemical Engineer


On demand tools to support continuous development

OLI provides technical support both as self-service (via our wiki pages and on-demand video content) and one-to-one service via our service portal. The response time vary based on the service levels purchased but typically within one business day.

How to videos

OLI has many instructional videos on YouTube. All these videos can be accessed via our wiki page as well as a direct search on YouTube. These videos include installation issues as well as simulation techniques.

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OLI Wiki

The OLI Wiki page has several thousand entries. Some of the material covered are installation and security issues as well as simulation techniques and detailed discussions about thermodynamics and concepts.

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The support portal gives you access to the engineering team. Our team is located worldwide, and the portal is the fastest method of contacting them. You need register with the portal to gain access.

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