Spur innovation with deep expertise in chemistry, thermodynamic modeling and industrial electrolyte applications

Utilize decades of electrolyte technology development, unique thermodynamic models and unparalleled chemistry property database along with deep expertise successfully addressing industrial electrolyte challenges to jumpstart research projects and innovate faster.


Proven track record of successfully commercializing new technologies through research collaborations

Extensive expertise building research partnerships with private and public sector organizations to successfully win projects from various government organizations including US Department of Energy and National Labs. Proven experience creating and executing Joint Industry Partnerships (JIPs) with the largest global industrial companies.

Lithium and Rare Earth Elements mining and recycling research with the Critical Materials Institute and Idaho National Lab funded by US Department of Energy.

Mineral scaling modeling and process simulation software development with the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) and Lawrence Livermore National Labs funded by the US Department of Energy.

CO2 Capture process modeling research jointly with SRI International for a US Department of Energy funded initiative.

CO2 Transportation research to mitigate corrosion damage in pipelines and shipping containers with Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Norway.

HF Alkylation Joint Industry Program (JIP) with 11 of the largest global Refiners to mitigate corrosion risk in HF Alkylation Units and enhance operational safety.


Unique blend of expertise in chemistry, thermodynamic modeling, applications engineering and software development

Only OLI delivers the blend of chemistry knowledge, world class thermodynamic modeling expertise, deep understanding of applications, and capability to perform mass, energy and species balance with an unparalleled software tool. The unparalleled talent pool of electrolyte research scientists, application engineers and software developers makes OLI a versatile and trusted research partner for the leading research institutes and R&D departments of industrial companies.

Custom Capabilities

Tailored research projects, partnerships and consulting services

Process industry research requires advanced simulation software, rigorous chemistry analysis, and market-leading support and applications consulting. Selecting an experienced partner is a critical first step to accelerate innovation and ensure success in water chemistry. OLI offers personalized support to help research institutes and commercial organizations leverage the right simulation software and critically evaluated experimental data in order to create powerful, end-to-end solutions that harness the full power of water chemistry applications.

While OLI has already operationalized a number of pertinent chemistries, further research is required to fully understand all chemical properties and phenomena for industrial chemistry applications. Successful research partnerships will fuel the development of accessible and accurate models which enable companies to design, simulate, and optimize their industrial processes.

Engage OLI’s research team to collaborate on funded research projects on lithium, rare earth elements and other critical materials extraction and recycling, mineral scale and corrosion management as well as sustainability – CO2 capture, storage and transport, energy storage and hazardous waste management. Leverage this teams’ expertise in chemistry, corrosion, mineral scaling and process modeling to advance your research project by developing custom thermodynamic models, simulating your proprietary process, designing processes or troubleshooting operations.

No matter what your research and development objective or challenge, OLI can assist you if it requires electrolyte chemistry and process simulation expertise.


Solutions chemistry, thermophysical modeling, mineral scaling and corrosion management.

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