Guiding effective and efficient equipment design and process operations

The behavior of electrolyte and water chemistry governs industrial chemical processes performance. OLI Systems makes it possible to deeply understand these behaviors to drive effective and efficient equipment design and process operations.

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For our collective future

Chemistry insights enhance air and water quality and improve metal recycling and recovery efficiency. They cut the carbon footprints, lower energy consumption, and accelerate energy storage. OLI Systems is committed to accelerating not only its own sustainability but that of its customers.

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Electrolyte technology for all

OLI Systems boosts operations excellence by democratizing electrolyte technology, enabling all classes of enterprises, users and applications to access simple, easy and automated access to electrolyte chemistry insights.

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Celebrating five decades of research and development, software innovation and client success

From pioneering electrolyte scientific research and breakthrough software to fueling Industry 4.0, OLI has a proud history of tackling complex sustainability goals and operational efficiency challenges with thousands of applications across more than 500 clients globally.


Tailored software tools for every industrial electrolyte application

Addresses all chemistry challenges across multiple user types and consumption models.

Desktop Products

Rich functionality for detailed analysis by users with deep electrolyte expertise for on-premises deployments.

Cloud Products

Simple, easy to use Cloud Platform with modern technology for anytime, anywhere application access for all.

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