Alliance Partners

Integrating industry leading simulation engines with the prestigious OLI Alliance Engine unlocks new potential for customers.

OLI Engine in SysCAD

Partners with KWA Kenwalt Australia

OLI is implemented as a property block in an OLI Reactor block inside SysCAD, a flowsheet simulator for mineral processing. ​

OLI Engine in Aspen Plus / OLI Engine in Aspen HYSYS

Partners with Aspen Technology

OLI's specialty product fits well within AspenTech's comprehensive suite of engineering tools, adding value to AspenTech's electrolyte capabilities when tough electrolyte problems occur.

OLI Engine in gPROMS

Partners with Process Systems Enterprise

When gPROMS is your simulator of choice, check this joint product that brings electrolyte rigor to the gPROMS system.

OLI Engine in IDEAS

Partners with Andritz Automation

OLI brings chemistry to IDEAS mass, energy, and momentum balances for hydraulic / thermodynamic systems.

OLI Engine in Schlumberger Symmetry

Partners with Schlumberger

The Symmetry platform now has an integrated electrolyte property calculator—the OLI Systems' OLI Engine, which executes rigorous and accurate electrolyte calculations for oil & gas, chemicals, water treatment and new energy applications. When the OLI thermodynamic model is selected inside Symmetry, it can be activated at a flowsheet level to dictate all equilibrium calculations in the unit operations to deliver rigorous electrolyte insights. The OLI Engine electrolyte property calculator option can also be selected in user-selected material streams from thermodynamic models.

OLI MSE Engine in PRO/II

Partners with SimSci by AVEVA

SimSci was our first Alliance Partner in a relationship of nearly 30 years. Clients currently can use OLI simulation when they purchase Pro/II Electrolytes with a subset of the OLI AQ model. PRO/II clients can now select either the subset databank or the complete OLI databank system including the MSE model.

OLI Engine in UniSim Design

Partners with Honeywell

Honeywell's team has implemented OLI as a property method for both the MSE and AQ models.

OLI Engine in KBC Petro-SIM

Partners with KBC Yokogawa

This native integration enables effortless data exchange between the OLI Alliance Engine and Petro-SIM to deliver greater model fidelity and engineering efficiency. It enhances the electrolyte simulation capabilities of Petro-SIM in upstream oil and gas production, NGL (natural gas liquids) processing, LNG (liquefied natural gas), oil refining, petrochemical and chemical manufacturing operations.


Expanding OLI technology for a mutual benefit

OLI Sponsored Research Partners provide specifications and funding for an extension of OLI technology, development of an OLI product or feature, or application of OLI to a specific business problem.
Partially fund the development of research, chemistry, product, or application
Help set the direction of OLI work
Become the client for new development of work particularly of interest to you
Receive ancillary partner benefits in exchange

Alloy addition

A nuclear power company commissioned parameters for new alloys that were of particular interest to them.

New product development

A team of three oil and gas upstream companies provided requirements, steering and testing for the development of OLI Studio: ScaleChem and then received partner pricing for that product for a period of time.

Application consulting

A Mideast oil and gas company worked with simulation experts to model several refinery units in one of their local refineries, extending the OLI chemistry where necessary.

Improved density model

An oil and gas company funded the development of a better density model for brines up to high pressures and temperatures based on recently obtained experimental data.

Chemistry additions

A chemical company directed a comprehensive parameterization of boron chemistry using the Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte framework

Application consulting

An oil and gas company commissioned OLI’s work on developing an interfacial tension model.


Research partners expanding chemistry simulation for the benefit of all.

Critical Materials Institute

US Department of Energy’s hub, based at the Ames National Laboratory, for organizing and funding research on rare earth elements and other critical materials, with OLI providing thermodynamic simulation tools


The organizing company in a JIP on corrosion of corrosion-resistant alloys in extreme well environments, where OLI’s contribution is model development for localized corrosion


The organizing company in a JIP for measuring impurities in carbon dioxide rich phases


A laboratory who OLI used for the measurements of amine hydrochlorides as part of OLI’s JIP, Chemistry in Refining Overheads

Scaled Solutions

Experimental partners in the UltraHPHT, a JIP organized by AQSim, OLI and SSL to improve simulation parameters in OLI Studio: ScaleChem for HPHT conditions

SRI International

Institution leading research on advanced carbon dioxide capture processes, where OLI provides process simulation technology


Past teaming partner in several projects, including the experimental partner in OLI's Chemistry in Refining Overheads project

Pennsylvania State University

Research partner in electrolyte thermodynamics and corrosion electrochemistry

Rutgers University

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on materials chemistry

University of California - Berkeley

Research partner in corrosion science

University of California - Davis

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on solid-state thermodynamics

NAWI - National Alliance for Water Innovation

Research partnerships to improve prediction of scale inhibition and enhance quality of water treatment process simulation


The PCOR Partnership, established in 2003, focuses on making reality of safe CCUS projects. It covers ten US states and four Canadian provinces. With 200+ stakeholders, members collaborate to assess carbon storage opportunities, address technical, regulatory and environmental barriers and also provide data and guidance. They engage with policymakers and the public to promote the understanding of carbon management.

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