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Chemistry insights based on plant data combined with process engineering and operator training transforms operational excellence.

"OLI’s cloud APIs and cloud apps democratize electrolyte technology and enable automation of chemistry insights across multiple engineering teams increasing productivity and agility"

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The digital transformation imperative

Increasing profitability, lowering costs and gaining competitive advantages is a strategic opportunity for industrial process manufacturers. Achieve it by leveraging automation and insights that deliver substantial increases in operations efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Electrolytes and water chemistry

Electrolytes and water chemistry play an important role in many industrial chemical processes. Applying accurate predictions of electrolyte behavior under process conditions in real-time to process operations can dramatically enhance business outcomes for industrial operators, equipment manufacturers and chemicals suppliers.

Deliver greater operations efficiency, reliability and productivity

Transform operations processes with automated, real-time insights and intelligence

Raise research and development productivity

Empower teams with anytime, anywhere access to automated chemistry insights to create more effective equipment and process designs, rapidly troubleshoot operations issues and accelerate new product development.

Unleash operations performance

Automation of plant data based chemistry insights delivered in real-time to operators delivers greater operational efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Data analytics, AI and hybrid models

Analyzing vast amounts of plant operations data with data analytics, AI tools and combining results with first principles model based tools enables advanced hybrid models to optimize process design and operations.


OLI Cloud Platform and Optimization Tools

Unique capabilities to deliver automated insights anywhere, anytime

OLI Cloud APIs

Modern APIs to integrate the OLI Engine with third party applications and custom development.

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OLI Cloud App Builder

Design and publish web based apps based on OLI Flowsheet: ESP models.

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Cloud Apps

Lightweight applications that are simple and easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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OLI Optimizer Tool for Flowsheet: ESP

Optimize process parameters.

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Deploy digital transformation with confidence

Design, develop, implement

Operations Dashboard Development

Design and develop turnkey solution with visibility to operations performance with OLI Cloud APIs.

Digital Twin

Enhance your digital twin with powerful OLI simulation results.

Integration Consulting

OLI works to automate results and integrates into your existing data repository for use in existing HMI platforms.


Pushing digital transformation further

Case studies, technical briefs, perspectives and more.

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