OLI Systems is a leading provider of oil refining consulting services

OLI offers consulting services to help refineries optimize their operations and mitigate corrosion. Our team of experts have worked with multiple clients across the industry to identify root causes of issues, develop effective mitigation strategies, and improve performance.

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Comprehensive solutions to help refineries

OLI Systems offers a wide range of consulting services and is a trusted partner to the downstream industry. Our team of experts provide solutions to some of the most challenging problems. With our advanced software and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we can help operators optimize their production processes, minimize downtime and improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

Corrosion and scaling prediction

OLI Systems' software allows for the prediction of corrosion and scaling in refining production systems, which can help operators develop effective mitigation strategies. Our team of experts offer multiple levels of services from one day health checks to extensive customized packages.

Process simulation

Our team’s in-depth software knowledge can be used to help set up models to simulate the behavior of complex chemical systems, which can help operators optimize production processes and identify potential problems.

Water treatment

OLI Systems provides consulting services related to water treatment in the oil and gas industry. This includes helping operators design and optimize water treatment systems, as well as developing strategies for managing wastewater.

Materials selection

In the oil and gas industry, selecting the right materials is crucial for preventing corrosion and scaling in production systems. OLI Systems offers consulting services to help refiners choose the most suitable materials that can withstand harsh environments and maintain their integrity over time.

Asset integrity management

This service includes risk-based inspection and maintenance strategies, as well as fit-for-service assessments for aging equipment. Our consultants use operating envelopes and apply corrosion exposure modeling to develop Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) that that provide reliable and safe operating envelopes.

Training and support

OLI Systems provides training and support to help refiners effectively use their software and optimize their refining units (or processes). OLI Systems' expertise in refinery consulting centers around the use of software and data analysis to help refiners optimize their production processes, minimize downtime, and improve the overall efficiency and profitability of their operations.


Mitigating corrosion in refining operations a holistic approach

OLI Systems has a proven reputation in the global Oil & Gas and Chemicals sectors for helping companies overcome the challenges of corrosion. With comprehensive water chemistry expertise, OLI Systems enables customers to simulate process conditions with extreme accuracy to identify and predict at-risk areas for corrosion and other issues. In this study, a Product Application Engineer at CHIMEC S.p.A, enlisted OLI Systems’ electrolyte chemistry analysis capabilities as a part of the risk-based assessment to treat and prevent salt deposition and mitigate corrosion risk in Crude Oil refining and upgrading applications.


Crude unit overhead corrosion mitigation

We use advanced modeling tools and techniques to analyze and optimize overhead chemistry, neutralizing amine selection and wash water optimization to help refineries avoid and mitigate corrosion issues.

Our crude unit overhead health check provides insight into your overhead system’s exposure to corrosion. We analyze the neutralizing amine in use and its compatibility with the system to determine its effectiveness in preventing corrosion and maintaining the boot water pH (control point for overhead corrosion chemistry injection). We also assess if the chemicals recommended by your provider is creating salt point corrosion problems. Based on our analysis, we provide recommendations on corrosion mitigation and system performance to solve issues.

Our crude unit overhead corrosion mitigation service is a detailed consulting engagement that models the overhead chemistry to assess exposure to corrosion under different operating envelopes. We focus on the root cause of corrosion in the overhead under different operations such as high to low throughput and varying levels of contaminants. We identify the ideal location to inject water and dilute the salts that may form to mitigate corrosion. Our experts also analyze and optimize the wash water flow rate and identify the best neutralizing amine selection criteria to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Integrity operating windows development

Our consultants use operating envelopes and apply corrosion exposure modeling to develop integrity operating windows (IOW) that provide consistent operating boundaries while increasing asset reliability. Developing IOWs ensures that operations run at their most profitable. We also apply the tools and analysis to operating envelopes to ensure operations are reliable and don't increase corrosion, guiding how much production can be increased to avoid corrosion.

Wash water

Our experts use overhead chemistry, amine selection and the systems asset corrosion exposure to determine the best location to inject water and dilute salts and lower pH phases, minimizing corrosion risks. We also identify the ideal wash water flow rate to ensure proper dilution and explore alternative water sources that may better suit your needs.

Windows of opportunity

Our team provides guidance on windows of opportunity where refiners can increase production to capture increased profits due to short-lived fuel prices. We analyze current production and model changes to operating envelopes to ensure operations are reliable and don't increase corrosion, guiding how much production can be increased to avoid corrosion.

Neutralizing amine selection evaluation

Amine selection criteria must meet several parameters before it can be considered. Ionic dew points on the overhead, as well as the ability of the amine to vaporize and capture HCl and buffering in the overhead are important parameters that OLI consultants will consider as part of their recommendations.

Opportunity Crudes

These crudes are cheaper than well established ones because they have poor properties and more contaminants. OLI consultants can guide refiners on how to effectively, safely and reliable blend these crudes (percentage of this crude in the diet to ensure reliable operations with the current overhead chemistry/amine selected).

What our clients say...

From corrosion mitigation and water optimization to process modeling and simulation, our experts have helped refineries around the world achieve their production goals while reducing costs and improving safety.

"Working with OLI has been a game changer for us. Their team of experts consultants provided invaluable insights and recommendations that have made a significant impact on our refinery's performance and bottom line"