What to expect from the training course

This workshop will teach electrolyte chemistry concepts and electrolyte simulation techniques. Participants will leave with a qualitative image of how ions and molecules behave in water and a better understanding of properties like alkalinity and pH.


The course is designed for beginers and prospective OLI clients

The class is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of OLI simulation techniques. Intermediate level clients wanting to refresh their skills may also join this class; there are extra problems in each section that allow for independent inquiry.

How long is the course 2 days (One 3-hour web session each day)
Please have a computer with two monitors and ensure that you can log into WebEx.


Workshop syllabus

This workshop will teach electrolyte chemistry concepts and electrolyte simulation techniques.

Day 1

Introduction to OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer simulation

The User Interface – Workspace and Tool bars

Stream Definition – Enter components, composition, and conditions such as T, P, etc.

Types of calculations

Single point calculation using variety of equilibrium methods: Isothermal flash, bubble / dew points, solubilities, set pH, etc.

Single and dual surveys to study trends using independent variables of T, P, composition, and pH

Contour plot

Review stream results

Identifying the main report tables

Output interpretation, including customization of plots and reports

Contour plots

Exporting data

Day 2

Water Analysis

Entering ionic inflows

Scaling Tendencies and Scaling Index

Converting an ionic inflow into a molecular inflow


Water Incompatibility

Titration curve

A brief introduction to OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer

RedOx reactions (Chapters 1)

Pourbaix Diagrams

Corrosion rates

General Corrosion Rates

Localized Corrosion Propensity

Polarization Curves


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