Predict general and localized corrosion, virtualize experiments and define safe operating regions

Virtually simulate autoclave experiments to evaluate the impact of corrosive substances over a broad range of aqueous environments to select the optimal materials to mitigate risk and save costs. Analyze the behavior of different chemistries and their relative contribution to corrosion through polarization curves to drastically reduce physical experiments.

Create integrity operating windows to define safe operating zones to enhance operations performance and mitigate risk of unplanned downtime and equipment failure.


Minimize environmental damage, reduce CO2 footprint and reduce energy consumption

Leverage corrosion insights to increase integrity of hazardous waste storage and processing equipment. Reduce CO2 footprint with optimized asset and process designs. Reduce energy consumption with improved asset performance and reduced unplanned downtime.


Deliver automated insights to accelerate productivity, design and operations

Automated electrolyte insights for general and localized prediction enhances research team productivity, design quality and operations troubleshooting.

Delivering automated digital twins that combine thermophysical and electrochemical models with plant data to manage operating conditions based on well-defined integrity operating windows. Mitigate corrosion risk, enhance asset integrity and increase sustainability in harsh industrial environments including oil and gas, chemicals, metals, mining, power generation and water treatment applications.


General and localized aqueous corrosion prediction

Windows-based desktop and cloud offerings for all user types and applications

OLI Studio

Windows desktop offering for chemistry analysis, mineral scaling and corrosion management.

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Process simulation and design software with energy, mass and species balance and in-depth chemistry insights.

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OLI Engine

Electrolyte technologies in third-party, Windows-based process simulators (Aspen Plus/ HYSYS, PRO/II) and applications (OSISoft, PowerBI) with APIs.

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OLI Cloud Platform

OLI Cloud APIs and OLI Cloud Apps for anywhere, anytime access for all users and applications.

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Professional services based on deep domain expertise

OLI’s consulting services deliver audit, assessment and turnkey projects for enhancing research, design and operations effectiveness in oil & gas, chemicals, mining, metals, power generation and industrial water, wastewater treatment and related industries based on extensive electrolyte chemistry skills, corrosion modeling and technical applications expertise.

Use OLI’s consulting services to implement a comprehensive corrosion prediction and management program or obtain a turnkey analysis and recommendation to mitigate corrosion risk. Our experts utilize accurate electrolyte chemistry analysis from our extensive models and tools and develop new thermodynamic and kinetic models with custom chemistry properties to enhance effectiveness of research, process and equipment design as well as chemical treatment programs

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Accurate simulation of mineral scaling behavior

Thermodynamic modeling of scale formation for a broad range of chemistries and environments.

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