Enhance operations efficiency, reliability and lower costs with rigorous insights

Solve complex chemistry-related design and operations challenges with insights from OLI’s first principles-based models, resulting in optimized material selection, improved asset reliability, enhanced process yield, and increased R&D productivity.

"OLI Systems software saves you from extensive lab testing and enables you to focus on selecting the right materials. With OLI Systems, the process is much faster and simpler."

Liu Cao

Senior Research Engineer, DNV GL

Electrolytes and water chemistry impact the performance of industrial operations

Many important chemical reactions and phenomena, like oxidation, reduction, neutralization, pH control, flue gas treatment, waste-stream clean-up, mineral scaling, and corrosion are governed by electrolytes’ behaviour.

Analyze chemical streams, predict mineral scale formation, manage corrosion risk and optimize process design

Utilize rigorous thermodynamic and kinetic models with property databases to deliver accurate chemistry and process insights for the most complex environments.

Chemical Stream Analysis

Perform a broad range of single and multiple point equilibrium calculations with advanced mechanisms to study trends in acidity, temperature, pressure, concentration, and more to enable cost effective, high quality process design, rapid operations troubleshooting, reduced physical experiments and enhanced environmental compliance.

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Mineral Scale Prediction

Simulate fluid production from reservoirs with phase mass balance, scale tendencies and scale mass of production fluids using full phase equilibrium and quantitative partitioning calculations to deliver granular, predictive insights to increase production yields and enhance design quality.

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Aqueous Corrosion Management

Predict general, localized corrosion and useful asset life; analyze the impact of heat treatment, kinetics, transport properties, temperature, pressure, acidity and concentration to optimize materials selection, lower experimental costs and increase operational efficiency and asset reliability

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Deep commitment to chemistry innovation

New and enhanced models, chemistry property database and software.

Thermodynamic kinetic models

Future enhancements to the OLI Mixed Solvent Electrolyte (MSE) Model will address a broader range of temperatures, pressures, compositions and materials. The new MSE Corrosion model will expand the applicability of corrosion predictions to non-aqueous environments while the new Scale Inhibition model will generate insights to minimize mineral scaling and optimize chemical treatments.

Chemistry property database

The OLI chemistry database contains over 6,000 species and covers over 80 elements of the periodic table and is continually updated to include high priority chemistries addressing critical applications in oil and gas, chemicals, metals & mining, power generation and water treatment.

Software capabilities

OLI’s software platform is constantly enhanced with new functionality to generate actionable chemistry insights with greater user productivity, ease of use and simplified access. The planned OLI Engine modernization will deliver greater software performance across both Windows desktop and cloud environments.


Comprehensive software tools for chemistry insights

Unique capabilities to analyze chemical reactions and phenomena

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

In-depth chemistry analysis tool

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OLI Studio: ScaleChem

Accurate scaling prediction tool

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OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer

General, localized corrosion prediction tool

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OLI Flowsheet : ESP

Process design tool with in-depth chemistry analysis

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Consulting expertise and solutions to address complex chemistry challenges

Engage OLI chemistry experts to design equipment and processes or troubleshoot operations.

Thermophysical Model Development

Develop new thermodynamic and kinetic models or custom chemistry databases to address your unique application needs.

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Mineral Scale Management

Experienced with improving air and water quality from industrial operations by eliminating toxins, reducing CO2 footprint, recycling e-waste and lithium ion batteries, and minimizing resource utilization and optimizing energy consumption in process design and operations.

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Corrosion Mitigation

Diagnose corrosion behavior, enhance asset design with optimal material selection and specify safe operating windows to mitigate risk.

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