Address complex challenges driven by complex chemical characteristics and harsh process conditions

Lost production output and increased costs in upstream operations due to mineral scaling and corrosion damage are very common. Poor asset integrity, high operating costs and sub-optimal materials selection negatively impact downstream operations. The sheer complexity of the multi-component chemistry, harsh operating conditions and unique process requirements make these processes very demanding.


Boost operations and asset performance and sustainability

The ability to characterize complex chemistry behavior under a wide range of operating conditions coupled with deep domain knowledge of applications unlocks actionable business value.

Analyzed multiple topside streams to predict optimum brine mixing to mitigate scale risk and improve yields

Predicted the location and amount of salt scale and provided recommendation to prevent scaling in stabilizer column to eliminate unplanned downtime

Analyzed scaling in boiler feed water in OTSG and HRSG units with Pectolite thermodynamics model to eliminate unplanned downtime and increase production

Designed silicate removal process in a produced water treatment plant to enable water reuse and optimize operations.

Analyzed debutanizer unit to mitigate corrosion risk, modify shut-down, washing and start-up procedures to eliminate water accumulation.

Developed simulation twin of crude distillation overhead unit to predict onset of corrosion and mitigate risk.


Unique combination of expertise in chemistry, process simulation, applications engineering and industry experience

Only OLI delivers the blend of chemistry knowledge, deep understanding of applications, capability to perform mass, energy and species balance with an unparalleled software tool and trained experts to address complex process challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Standard consulting services

Packaged services offerings with defined scope and deliverables

Health Check Services

One-day audit and assessment of health of equipment and processes with recommendations to improve Upstream and Downstream operations performance. Scope includes:
• Scaling and corrosion damage water treatment effectiveness for Upstream
• Scaling, corrosion and fouling damage, and emissions quality in crude
distillation, FCC, hydrotreaters, HF Alkylation units and Heat Exchangers.

Upstream Consulting Services

Four-to-five week engagements to design, develop and implement scaling, corrosion management, and water treatment programs to enhance operations efficiency, lower costs and increase sustainability.

Downstream Consulting Services

Four-to-five week engagements to design, develop and implement corrosion management and flue gas desulfurization management programs to enhance asset integrity, operations efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Digital Transformation Services

Four-week projects to design, develop and implement capability to deliver automated insights on scaling, corrosion and water / wastewater treatment to research and engineering teams.

Six-to-twelve week projects to design, develop and deploy digital twin solutions for scaling, corrosion and water treatment management in Upstream and Downstream operations with operational data integration, operations dashboards and KPIs

Custom Capabilities

Turnkey consulting projects to meet your unique needs

OLI consultants use their expertise in thermophysical modeling, process simulation and domain expertise to create a custom services engagement to address your unique needs. The OLI team can develop custom thermodynamic models, create a private property database with your data, simulate your proprietary process and provide design insights and troubleshoot operations issues. No matter what your process design or operations challenge, OLI can assist you if it requires chemistry and process simulation expertise.


Proven experience across thousands of Upstream and Downstream electrolyte applications

Talk to our Oil & Gas experts about your challenges

OLI experts in chemistry, mineral scaling, corrosion, process simulation, sustainability and digital transformation can address your needs