Combine in-depth electrolyte modeling with process flow simulation to optimize design and operations

Optimize process design and operations with in-depth electrolyte chemistry analysis combined with specialized process simulation. Utilize OLI’s extensive chemistry property database and three unique thermodynamic models with advanced mechanisms like redox, kinetics and surface reactions to address the broadest range of phenomena and operating conditions.

Deliver highly accurate simulation predictions of multi-unit operations using 30 unit operations—specially designed for electrolyte applications—to optimize process design, minimize operating expenses and maximize yields for industrial chemical processes and environmental applications.


Optimize CO2 capture, industrial water treatment, CO2 footprint and energy consumption processes

Optimize resource consumption and reuse in process design and operations to lower CO2 footprint. Simulate CO2 capture processes with accurate chemistry analysis using thermodynamic models to optimize asset and process design.

Maximize water use by simulating its behavior under various acidity levels, temperatures, pressures, ion concentrations and other variables. Analyze complex, multicomponent arsenic, mercury, struvite and selenium to eliminate toxins and improve water quality. Transform industrial wastewater treatment with highly accurate reverse osmosis membrane simulations.


Deliver automated insights to accelerate productivity, design and operations

Automate electrolyte insights to enhance productivity of research, design and process simulation teams.

Deliver automated digital twins that combine electrolyte insights with energy, mass balance with plant data to manage process operations within well-defined integrity operating windows to mitigate corrosion, scaling and fouling risk, enhance asset reliability and increase sustainability in chemicals processing and water treatment operations.


Vast experience with electrolyte based process simulation

Application of electrolyte thermodynamics, energy and mass balance to optimize process design and operations.

OLI Studio

Windows desktop offering for chemistry analysis, mineral scaling and corrosion management.

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Process simulation and design software with energy, mass and species balance and in-depth chemistry insights.

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OLI Engine

Electrolyte technologies in third-party, Windows-based process simulators (Aspen Plus/ HYSYS, PRO/II) and applications (OSISoft, PowerBI) with APIs.

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OLI Cloud Platform

OLI Cloud APIs and OLI Cloud Apps for anywhere, anytime access for all users and applications.

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Professional services based on deep domain expertise

OLI’s consulting services deliver audit, assessment and turnkey projects that enhance research, design and operations effectiveness in industrial chemical processes based on extensive electrolyte chemistry based process simulation skills and technical applications expertise.

Use OLI’s consulting services to create accurate electrolyte chemistry-based process models with standard or custom chemistry properties to enhance effectiveness of process design, troubleshoot and manage process operations, optimize chemical treatment programs, treat water and wastewater more effectively and increase sustainability with robust CO2 capture processes and flue gas desulfurization processes.


Accurate simulation of mineral scaling behavior

Thermodynamic modeling of scale formation for a broad range of chemistries and environments.

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