Learn to predict chemical behavior, mineral scaling and corrosion in industrial environments

See how chemistry insights are used to digitize chemical research, design pilot plants and increase asset reliability with accurate mineral scaling and corrosion predictions.


Enhance air, water quality, reduce CO2 footprint and recover critical materials

Complex chemistry insights are used to boost the recovery and recycling of lithium and rare earths, eliminate toxic heavy metals in water treatment, design efficient CO2 capture processes, optimize flue gas desulfurization processes and manage hazardous waste.


Learn how digital twins and automation can make operations more effective

Automated electrolyte insights enable faster experimental design. Simple, easy-to-use cloud applications and digital twin prototypes help mitigate corrosion, scaling and fouling risk, enhance asset reliability and increase sustainability.


OLI software portfolio for scientists, process engineers, environmental engineers and operators

Windows-based desktop and cloud offerings for all user types and applications

OLI Studio

Windows desktop offering for chemistry analysis, mineral scaling and corrosion management.

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Process simulation and design software with energy, mass and species balance and in-depth chemistry insights.

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OLI Engine

Electrolyte technologies in third-party, Windows-based process simulators (Aspen Plus/ HYSYS, PRO/II) and applications (OSISoft, PowerBI) with APIs.

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OLI Cloud Platform

OLI Cloud APIs and OLI Cloud Apps for anywhere, anytime access for all users and applications.

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Partner with OLI for research projects and programs

Research on process industry applications requires advanced simulation software, rigorous chemistry analysis and market-leading support and applications consulting. Selecting an experienced partner is a critical first step to accelerate innovation and ensure water chemistry success. OLI’s lifecycle consulting expertise offers personalized support to help organizations leverage the right simulation software and critically evaluated experimental data in order to create powerful, end-to-end solutions that harness the full power of water chemistry applications.

While OLI has already operationalized a number of pertinent chemistries, further research is required to fully understand all chemical properties. Successful research partnerships will fuel the development of accessible and accurate models which enable companies to design, simulate and optimize their industrial processes.
With proven experience in over 25 successful research partnerships with a broad range of global research and government organizations including US Department of Energy (DoE), National Labs, academic institutions and commercial organizations in basic and applied science research, designing prototypes and commercializing technologies, OLI is an ideal research partner.

Engage OLI’s research team to create joint proposals for funded research projects for thermophysical modeling of new and existing processes, materials selection, chemical treatment programs as well as water, air quality and hazardous waste management.

Join hands with OLI’s team of trained instructors to deliver training programs and create curriculums to train and educate early stage and advanced career process engineers and scientists.

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Deep chemistry simulation research and development knowledge

Solutions chemistry, thermophysical modeling, mineral scaling and corrosion management

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