Simple, easy to use electrolyte apps for industrial applications that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Any process simulation model developed in OLI Flowsheet: ESP can be delivered as a simple, easy-to-use OLI Cloud App with a limited number of inputs, outputs and calculations using the OLI Cloud App Builder.

The OLI Cloud Apps leverages first principles-based analysis capabilities with an unparalleled chemistry property database and three thermodynamic models that deliver accurate, rigorous multi-component calculations for the broadest range of phenomena and operating conditions These are the same first principles-based models and database capabilities that are currently available in the OLI Flowsheet: ESP and OLI Studio Windows platforms.


Rapidly define and publish Cloud Apps with the OLI Cloud App Builder

The OLI Cloud App Builder has the ability to design cloud applications and run them with design and run-time capabilities. With the Cloud App Builder Design capability, process models built in OLI Flowsheet: ESP can be accessed by an subject matter expert model curator to create and publish Cloud Apps. The published Apps are accessed by end users and executed with the Cloud App Builder Run capability.

The Cloud App Builder Run capability uses the OLI Cloud APIs to access the OLI Engine in the Cloud to execute the required calculations.


Increase operations efficiency, reliability and sustainability with ubiquitous access to electrolyte insights

Empower plant/unit engineers, operations supervisors and maintenance staff with access to valuable insights anywhere, anytime.

Complex electrolyte analysis and process simulations are often done in research and development organizations. Very often, operations and maintenance teams do not have the ability to utilize deep insights gained from this analysis to improve their operations performance due to lack of trained SMEs and resource constraints. The OLI Cloud App Builder enables SMEs to empower their operations and maintenance teams by publishing simple, easy to use electrolyte applications, curated by SMEs, that deliver rich insights to improve their operations. Examples of applications include operations variables against integrity operating windows and conducting what-if analysis to design optimal chemical dosing quantities.

Combination of rigorous analysis with simplicity and ease of use

The OLI approach to deliver Cloud Apps does not compromise on the rigor and accuracy of the simulation models. Since they are built using OLI Flowsheet: ESP, these models can be very complex and rigorous. The OLI Cloud App Builder helps to curate the model by simplifying and prioritizing the types of inputs, outputs and calculations for the relevant application masking the complexity for operations and maintenance teams.

Anytime, anywhere access with on-demand commercial model

The ability to access the Cloud Apps on a standard web interface anywhere, anytime and from any device significantly enhances productivity. The flexible commercial model enables affordability that scales with usage with a variable user based pricing model. In addition, the cloud model delivers a software service and clients do not have to be concerned with the management of the IT infrastructure and application management saving costs and time.


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