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OLI Cloud App Builder in the V11 Platform – Refining Industry Applications

Operating conditions in a refinery are ever changing, making the ability to capture windows of opportunity paramount to unit profitability. Refiners have a wide variety of simulation tools at their disposal to decide if flow rates, temperatures, pressures, cut points, etc. can be changed in order to increase production and capture additional profits. However, these changes can have a detrimental effect on unit reliability, increasing corrosion and fouling of the system. In the past, process technology groups had to depend on experts to setup and run models and advice the refiner if the change in operating conditions will affect the unit negatively, often with an answer a few days later when part of the opportunity (or all of it) is lost. During this spotlight, Ezequiel will demonstrate OLI’s Application Builder and how this cloud-enabled tool empowers expert teams to deploy simple, easy-to-use applications, providing operations teams with the tools to make decisions in a matter of minutes, rather than days, and capture the entirety of the opportunity

Ezequiel Vicent

Senior Application Engineer