Maximize pipeline utilization and optimize profitability while protecting capital-intensive networks from corrosive damage

Carbon Capture, Utilizations and Storage

The development of CO2 transport and storage networks for industrial CCUS is now being supported by governments and happening at scale in many parts of the world.

Effective process design requires domain expertise along with a sound technical understanding of the chemistry, not only to design and operate but also optimize and troubleshoot operations. The insight gained in examining behavior like CO2 ­solubility and behavior of other acid gases in water as temperature, pressure­ and composition change, especially in extreme conditions is essential.

Designing transportation networks

Infrastructure dedicated to CO2 storage and transport will be critical for the long-term sustainability of carbon capture in industry

Acceptable contaminant levels

Overly conservative limits/acceptance levels for impurities remove many streams of what an operator can accept thus reducing profitability from CO2 capture and jeopardizing environmental goals

Advanced chemistry

Simplified first-principal simulations accessible to all

OLI has collaborated closely with industry leaders on research initiatives to gain deep insights into the chemical behavior during CO2 transportation. The result of this research has allowed OLI to build a Cloud App that can be used as a component to achieve carbon capture goals.

Complex chemistry predictions made simple, for everyday use

Process engineers can monitor and predict systems for health issues without excessive software overhead. The OLI CO2 Cloud App can run scenarios that widen the contaminant levels, allowing higher acceptance rates.

Operators can predict when corrosive environments form without having deep chemistry expertise. They can swiftly react to situations with reliable responses. The App simplifies the analysis into easy to understand dashboards that enable effective decisions.

The CO2 Transportation Cloud App supports the user to find the balance in designing transportation networks for the lowest price, highest capacity and greatest longevity for the asset. Current conservative design limits that are often used raise the overall cost and ability to accept a larger number of loads from operators. Many times, design limits are conservative to err on the side of caution. The Cloud App provides advanced chemistry which makes trial-and-error limits easy to determine via trusted first-principle simulations.

Input screen

Simplified dashboard

Detailed dashboard

On the input screen, the temperature, pressure, and impurity concentrations are added. The run button is used to perform thermodynamic calculations displaying the total calculated flowrate and composition with reacted and unreacted impurities in the bulk stream.

The simplified output stream indicates the CO2 phase (green light) occurring at transport conditions: gas or liquid phase. Cautionary (red) lights indicate a corrosive acid or solid phase that could negatively impact operations requiring mitigating actions.

The detailed output screen provides the compositional makeup of each phase (CO2 gas, CO2 liquid, acid, and solid phases). The detailed screens give further insight into potential mitigating actions like reducing specific impurity concentrations that are reacting to form the acid or solid phase.

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The CO2 Transportation Cloud App has been developed to help industry meet their net zero obligations. The tool effectively reduces the complexity of the detailed chemistry needed to understand the design and operating parameters of CCS systems. The app aims to help industry to maximize operations, cost effectively and safely.

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CO2 Transportation Cloud App was built using OLI Cloud App Builder

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