The lack of appropriate tools and relevant insights limits the effective design and operations of equipment and processes

Lack of deep understanding of water chemistry behavior and the ability to effectively understand the mass and energy balance during process operations results in inefficiencies in design and operations. Lack of knowledge of the multi-component behavior of heavy metals and toxic contaminants results in poor compliance with environmental regulations. Poor asset integrity created by scaling, fouling and corrosion and sub-optimal materials selection result in higher operating costs.


Increase operations efficiency and ensure compliance with environmental regulations

The ability to characterize complex chemistry behavior and water treatment process dynamics under a wide range of operating conditions coupled with deep domain knowledge of applications and industry domain knowledge unlocks significant business value.

Designed an industrial waste water treatment plant in the Middle East including lime softening, RO and ozonation where the desalinated water included potable and gray water.

Mitigated scaling risk and reduced costs with an industrial wastewater treatment plant design that produced controlled, environmentally compliant precipitation.

Designed a water treatment plant for a food and beverage company that was optimized for successful removal of bio nutrients from the water before it was discharged to the environment.

Enabled a client to obtain regulatory approval for their development project rapidly and at lower cost by demonstrating that their development would be water self-sufficient.

Analyzed scale build up in a waste acid injection well and optimized the design to maintain the waste acid in an acidic form such that no metal salts would precipitate before reaching the oil field reservoir.


Unique combination of expertise in chemistry, process simulation, applications engineering and industry knowledge

Only OLI delivers the blend of chemistry knowledge, deep understanding of applications, capability to perform mass, energy and species balance with an unparalleled software tool and trained experts with industry domain expertise to address complex process challenges in the water and wastewater treatment.

Standard consulting services

Services offerings with defined scope and deliverables

Health Check Services

One-day audit and assessment of health of equipment and processes with recommendations to improve operations performance. Scope includes electrolyte chemistry behavior and phenomena, corrosion, fouling and scaling damage, water and air quality.

Design Consulting Services

Four-to-five week engagements to design optimal processes and materials of construction to overcome scaling, fouling and corrosion challenges as well as eliminate toxins from water increase sustainability.

Operations Consulting Services

Four-to-five week engagements to troubleshoot operations issues and develop recommendations to improve operations performance using integrity operating windows and chemistry insights to enhance asset integrity, operations efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Digital Transformation Services

Four-week projects to design, develop and implement capability to deliver automated insights on scaling, fouling, corrosion and water / wastewater treatment to research and engineering teams.

Six-to-twelve week projects to design, develop and deploy digital twin solutions for scaling, fouling, corrosion and water treatment management in chemicals processing operations with operational data integration, operations dashboards and KPIs.

Custom Capabilities

Turnkey consulting projects to meet your unique needs

OLI Consultants use their expertise in thermophysical modeling, process simulation and domain expertise to create a custom services engagement to address your unique needs. The OLI team can develop custom thermodynamic models, create a private property database with your data, simulate your proprietary process and provide design insights or troubleshoot operations issues. No matter what your process design or operations challenge, OLI can assist you if it requires chemistry and process simulation expertise.


Proven experience across thousands of Upstream and Downstream electrolyte applications

Talk to our Industrial Water Treatment experts about your challenges

OLI experts in chemistry, mineral scaling, corrosion, process simulation, sustainability and digital transformation can address your needs