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Webinar – The Science of Adsorption and Ion Exchange Processes in Industrial Water Treatment

Complimentary 60 minute webinar

Adsorption reactions are ubiquitous to industrial processes including industrial water treatment, gas processing as well as mining and metals. They are an important part of water treatment processing for separation and purification applications. They impact water quality, product yield and purity, and treatment chemical demands. Electrolyte and surface chemistry are fundamental to both physisorption and chemisorption and critical to understand pH, salinity, and the speciation of the adsorbate. The ability to model adsorption from a chemical mechanism level, makes it possible to predict the effects of process changes or inflow composition on overall plant performance. In this episode of Conversations with OLI Experts, Dr. A J Gerbino, VP of Client and Product Success at OLI Systems, Inc., shares his insights on how OLI has incorporated the ability to rigorously simulate surface complexation, ion exchange and carbon adsorption reactions in its software products so that clients can more accurately design and optimize plant operations.

Event Date:

February 9, 2021 EST