thermophysical modeling

Unparalleled accuracy for complex mixtures in a broad range of conditions

The OLI property database represents over five decades of research innovation under various government and commercial research programs and contains thousands of mixtures, millions of experimental data points and dozens of properties with extensive experimental validation.

Overview of OLI Property Databases

At OLI, our databases reflect rigorous research and custom solutions. The Public Databases, foundational to our software, provide dependable insights from peer-reviewed data across a wide spectrum of chemicals and species. Our Engineering/Local Model Databases cater to immediate engineering challenges, offering crucial estimations even when comprehensive data is lacking. Developed by our Engineering team, often in collaboration with clients, they should be used with caution due to potential variances from peer-reviewed standards of our public databases. Additionally, we offer tailored Private Databases for specific client needs, emphasizing utmost confidentiality and clear contractual arrangements.


Accurate simulation of mineral scaling behavior

Thermodynamic modeling of scale formation for a broad range of chemistries and environments.

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