The history of OLI Systems

Founded in 1971 by a former Esso (ExxonMobil today) employee with a chemical engineering doctorate with a strong background in computer science who had a deep passion for process modeling and simulation. OLI initially developed flexible solution approaches for simple textbook style mathematical models that led to activity coefficients and simple electrolyte models and eventually predictive electrolyte modeling and the creation of highly rigorous property databanks for an ever increasing range of industrial applications and use cases.

OLI at 50

5 decades of R&D, software innovation and client success

From pioneering electrolyte science research and breakthrough software products tackling the understanding of complex chemistry behavior to address sustainability and operations efficiency challenges for 1000s of industrial applications across 500+ global clients to fueling the emerging industrial digital transformation.


Advancing chemistry, sustainability and digital transformation

Based on a rigorous understanding of the chemistry of industrial processes, OLI develops comprehensive solutions that enable clients realize valuable business outcomes that drive growth, profitability and competitive differentiation. With a DNA steeped in sustainability and multiple decades of research innovation to address environmental challenges, OLI is a critical partner to make industrial chemical processes more sustainable. With a brand new cloud platform and operations excellence competencies, OLI is well positioned to deliver it trusted design insights to real-time operations environments to enable step function changes in productivity, efficiency and sustainability through the industrial digital transformation of people, processes and tools.

Chemistry matters

The behavior of electrolytes and water chemistry governs the performance of numerous industrial chemical applications making their understanding critical for effective and efficient equipment design and process operations

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Focused on sustainability

Chemistry insights enhance air, water quality, improve metal recycling and recovery efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint, minimize energy consumption and accelerate energy storage

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Driving digital transformation

Boost operations excellence by democratizing electrolyte technology and enabling all classes of enterprises, users and applications with simple, easy and automated access to electrolyte chemistry insights

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