Leverage deep expertise and software tools to expand chemistry property database and develop new models

Create new chemistry properties or develop new thermodynamic and kinetic models to enhance the understanding of electrolyte behavior over a wide range of operating conditions for thousands of applications in oil & gas, chemicals, metals and mining, power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries.


Improve design and operations efficiency, sustainability and reliability

Utilize more accurate thermodynamic and kinetic models for mineral scaling, corrosion management, toxic contamination of water and air as well as related chemistry phenomena to deliver valuable business outcomes.

Expansion of a multicomponent lithium property database with proprietary client data that resulted in more accurate predictions and improved process design for lithium extraction from salar ponds.

Developed a new multicomponent complex chemistry database for a large global chemicals company to enhance model accuracy that enhanced productivity of R&D team.

Developed a new thermodynamic model to enhance quality of mineral scaling predictions for high pressure, high temperature conditions in offshore oil and gas production which resulted in higher operations efficiency.

Research collaboration with the Critical Materials Institute as part of a US Department of Energy funded program to develop new database properties for lithium extraction, purification and recycling from brines and ores to enhance operations efficiency and lower costs.


Unique combination of electrolyte and water chemistry expertise, thermophysical modeling, process simulation and mature software tools

Only OLI delivers the blend of chemistry knowledge, decades of experience in thermodynamic, kinetic modeling and process simulation – mass, energy and species balance – along with comprehensive software tools that use the most comprehensive electrolyte property database and trained experts to accurately model complex chemistry related process challenges.

Custom Capabilities

Turnkey consulting projects to meet your unique needs

OLI Consultants use their expertise in rigorous thermophysical modeling, process simulation and domain expertise to create a custom services engagement to address your unique needs. The OLI team can develop custom thermodynamic models or create a private property database with your data or simulate your proprietary process and provide design insights or troubleshoot operations issues. No matter what your process design or operations challenge, OLI can assist you if it requires chemistry and process simulation expertise.


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Partner with OLI to accelerate your modeling activities

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