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Working at OLI is an excellent learning and growth opportunity

For motivated, tech-savvy, self-starters who are passionate about solving software applications challenges, water chemistry, simulation, delivering superior service, and enhancing clients’ success.

Careers at OLI

OLI Hiring Process

What should I expect once I submit my resume?

In short, as few touch points in the decision-making process as are necessary. Your resume will be reviewed by a member of the hiring team within 72 hours of submission. Hiring decisions are typically made within 5 business days of final-round interviews.

Round 1: A preliminary phone screening conducted by a member of our Operations team
Round 2: An interview with senior members of the hiring team.
Round 3: A 1:1 interview with the hiring manager.
Final Round: An intensive multistep interview that includes separate sessions with our CEO; our Leadership Team; the hiring team; a cross-section of technical experts; and an interdisciplinary cultural fit group.

OLI is a talented and committed collective of experts who also just happen to be great people.

Company Culture

100% of OLI team members feel that their Manager “values and recognizes their work and overall contribution to the company.”

99% of OLI team members enjoy the flexibility to accommodate personal issues and demands

97% of OLI team members perceive a culture of teamwork and cooperation within their workgroups.

93% of OLI team members would proudly refer a friend to work at OLI

93% of OLI team members “feel happy in their role at OLI

89% of OLI team members feel well-prepared for their roles at OLI.

99% of OLI team members “ maintain a healthy and open working relationship” with their Managers

86% of OLI team members consider one or more colleagues a friend

95% of OLI team members feel that their “has a direct and measurable impact on the company’s success

97% of OLI team members perceive “a culture of teamwork and cooperation.”


All OLI team members contribute to the success of the business by following these guiding principles. Our values form the core of what OLI stand for.


Our success depends on our ability to build strong, healthy relationships, work openly and connect across teams, functions and geographies. We appreciate, recognize and celebrate the good work that our fellow team members do everyday. We amplify one another as a  team of mentors, sounding boards, allies and advocates.


We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues. Our growth is based upon our mutual success. When our customers and our employees grow, we all reap the benefits. We've expanded access to our experts to continue providing peerless technical support and delivering visionary solutions architecture to accommodate the growing and evolving needs of our client base.


We respect, appreciate and embrace differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion. We all contribute with our own diverse perspectives, experience, knowledge and culture. Every individual is valued, respected and supported. We are committed to ensuring that the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve success and their full potential. Our stakeholders learn quickly that the OLI whole is indeed far greater than the sum of its parts, made stronger and more dynamic by our diverse academic, professional, and experiential backgrounds.


We believe in thinking differently, working to adopt new technologies and developing solutions that deliver real value. We embrace disruption (technologically, environmentally, and socially), working with purpose to make an impact in every community of which we are a part.


Integrity is the act of behaving honestly and honourably, even when no one is watching. People with integrity follow moral and ethical principles which guide their decision making and interactions with colleagues and clients. We keep our word,  operate in good faith with all vendors and clients, maintain internal transparency, and engage each other from a place of mutual respect.


We are passionate about science and believe that by pursuing innovative solutions we are contributing to a better world. We chase excellence and work tenaciously to expand and deepen our individual and collective bases of expertise.

Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, disability, sex, age, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or presentation, pregnancy, genetics, veteran status or any other status protected by state and federal law.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

At OLI, we appreciate the importance of creating an environment in which all of our employees can feel valued, included and empowered to bring great ideas to the table.

We recognize that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints across our Company is critical to creating products that engage and inspire customers all over the world. Therefore, our goal is to foster an environment that is an incubator for great ideas, is attractive to the best talent, and that creates a profound sense of pride across our Company.
Our diversity and inclusion efforts will therefore focus on:

• Leading and managing inclusively – embracing different cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations
• Creating a work environment that fosters growth and advancement
• Engaging with our audiences in a way that reflects and respects their unique perspectives and experiences

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