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Driving Digital Transformation with OLI Cloud APIs & Cloud Apps

Applying chemistry insights with the right technology to positively improve a process and enable people to excel. Software use and expectations for delivery have been changing rapidly as Indutry 4.0 marches onward. Cloud computing-powered software-as-a-service delivers a jump in computer-aided engineering by providing powerful electrolyte simulations to improve asset/equipment performance and product quality anywhere, anytime. Extending beyond traditional simulation to enhance everyday operations is the goal of the OLI Cloud APIs and Cloud Apps. When coupled with real-time data and enabled on the “shop floor”, the value grows exponentially delivering a true digital transformation. Join us to learn about the OLI Cloud portfolio and how it can accelerate your digital transformations. Spotlight will highlight the tools and several use cases that we’ve been brewing

Lisa Williams

Vice President of Operational Excellence Solutions

Mike Kochevar

Vice President of Sales