Lisa Williams

Vice President of Operational Excellence Solutions


Lisa represents OLI as the VP of Operational Excellence Solutions. Today she is working to expand the traditional usage boundaries of the OLI Systems software packages to encompass the whole of the customer’s organization. Lisa is pursuing digital transformations for customers leveraging the powerful simulation data into the everyday plant life in conjunction with valued process data


Lisa has 25 years of experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the multifaceted aspects of Information Technology. She brings to OLI the knowledge of OT/IT convergence and integrations that produce flexible and scalable customer digital twins. From nuclear power generation to offshore oil platforms, Lisa has spent time engaging in many industrial environments to understand her customer needs and design the right solutions.

Areas of Expertise

• Democratize data across the enterprise
• Create/enhance digital twins with the integration of predictive simulation results and real-time data
• Bring coherence and integration to divided IT solutions
• Bridge the OT/IT divide delivering value to both sides, securely