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Advanced Autoclave Modeling

This spotlight seminar covers advanced approaches to simulating autoclave experiments. When the Autoclave simulation tool was created in 2015, calculations performed by the clients were simple. They were based on charging a sealed autoclave with gas at ambient conditions and raising the temperature to test conditions. The total and pressures and partial pressures were then computed. Recently, clients are simulating autoclaves that include flow loops, continuous bubbling at test conditions, and/or gas bubbling at moderate pressures followed by gas charging in the sealed unit. Such procedures go beyond the original design of the Autoclave flash calculation. To accommodate these needs, we have developed simulation techniques in Flowsheet: ESP that best match these procedures. We will discuss the challenges associated with simulating these experiments and present the flowsheet design and approach for doing so.

AJ Gerbino

Vice President of Client Success

Mike Kochevar

Vice President of Sales