Jim Berthold

Vice President of Client Support


Jim provides management of the OLI technical support team as well as providing direct support to the customer base. Jim also provides guidance in developing functionality of the software. An experienced chemist and an accomplished process simulation consultant, Jim takes the lead on selected simulation studies for clients.


Jim brings 33 years of experience with OLI software (29 years at OLI). Using the OLI software, he was the lead process simulator for the chemical fate of Deepwell Injection Chemical Waste for the Chemical Manufacturing Association. Jim provided simulation expertise for ammonia recovery of copper etching of printed circuit boards (Hong Kong), bio-reaction upset correction (Singapore), bio-reactor improvement (Japan), Fisher-Tropsch Reactor Design (Secunda), Acid-Mine water drainage reclamation (Johannesburg), Desalination using mechanical vapor compression (Australia), Heavy Metal groundwater contamination (Delaware), Corrosion Control in a flue-gas scrubber (Oklahoma), Reactive-Distillation (Illinois), Boiler feed water cleanup (Calgary), Nuclear Waste reduction (Washington), Nuclear Fuel disposal (South Carolina), Nuclear Waste storage (New Mexico), among others.

Areas of Expertise

• Process engineering
• Process simulation
• Chemistry
• Chemical engineering


• MS, 1986, University of Delaware
• BS, 1982, Seton Hall University