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New breakthrough nucleation kinetics and inhibitor speciation models to predict oilfield scale formation and management using OLI Studio

OLI has developed a rigorous Nucleation and Inhibition model for predicting the onset of mineral scaling. This advancement enables the OLI Users to rigorously predict the scaling of commonly found minerals in their processes and a chemical inhibitor to manage it. This technology will be rolled out in OLI Studio V11.5.

Dr. Diana Miller presents the science behind this new technology and demonstrates how the software computes the induction times of mineral scales and the impact of scale inhibitor have on these times and on the solution properties. Her examples include the effects of temperature and composition on the induction times of calcite (CaCO3), barite (BaSO4), gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O), and Celestine (SrSO4). The presentation also includes analysis of inhibitor quantities and its impact on delaying scale formation. This tool is built on OLI’s MSE thermodynamic framework and is another major extension of OLI predictions into the kinetics realm.

Diana Miller

Senior Applications Engineer and Pre-sales Lead