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Technical architecture and capabilities of the new OLI Cloud Platform


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Digital transformation is at an inflection point from a technological point of view. The advancement of cloud-based technology and the API economy democratizes the use of software without boundaries. This is accelerating the pace of digital transformation across many industries and technology providers, and users are increasingly being open to adopting cloud-based technologies. Web-based APIs allow the end-user to focus on developing custom workflows while eliminating the maintenance of complex infrastructure.


In this webinar, Arjun Ramesh, Product Manager at OLI Systems, Inc. will give an overview of the technical components of OLI’s offerings on the cloud, which include web-based APIs for electrolyte-based thermodynamic calculations and a web application called Application Builder that allows users to easily run flowsheet-derived calculations directly on the web browser. This duo of offerings will enable users to rapidly create custom tools, dashboards and applications, and additionally to leverage existing workflows and software in case of the APIs. This facilitates the scaling of technology and its benefits to many users without compromising on user experience.


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Arjun Ramesh

Product Manager

OLI Systems, Inc.


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