Arjun Ramesh

Senior Development Engineer


Arjun is a Product Manager working to constantly improve the customer experience of OLI Products. He derives from his previous experience as an Engine developer to help shape OLI’s digital transformation initiatives by architecting their next generation web-based solutions and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), whilst elevating the developer experience. His primary role is to create innovative solutions around OLI’s core offerings.


Arjun is a core contributor to the design, architecture and development of OLI software’s unified computation layer, which combines process, thermodynamics, corrosion and scale prediction to deliver a seamless user experience and is used extensively in both the desktop and cloud platforms. He leads the efforts to deliver OLI’s cloud offerings by working with an interdisciplinary team of web and computational developers. Arjun has also contributed to developing OLI’s optimizer tool by creating an innovative evaluation pipeline using the Lua programming language. Other activities include improving the efficiency of OLI’s equilibrium compute kernel, introducing modern programming languages and paradigm to the software team, and improving software interfaces.

Areas of Expertise

• Chemical engineering
• Thermodynamics
• Mathematical modeling and simulation
• Cloud computing and API(s)
• Scientific software development


• M.S, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014
• B.Tech, Chemical Engineering with minor in Industrial Automation, VIT University, India, 2013