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Scale kinetics and inhibition: The next step in OLI’s efforts to close the gap between modeling and real systems

Precipitation of inorganic scale remains a significant challenge in oil, gas, and geothermal production and operations. While the thermodynamic mechanisms of scale formation are widely understood across various operating conditions, the kinetics of scale formation under real field conditions play a crucial role. Kinetics, in this context, refers to the rate at which scale forms and the factors influencing this process. Classical nucleation theory can estimate the scaling induction time, or the time required for the first crystal to form. This can be calculated using ScaleChem, both in the absence and presence of scale inhibitors, which enhances the accuracy of predicting the onset of scale formation. However, these calculations are often limited by the availability of relevant data from existing literature, which may not cover the diverse range of water chemistries, operating conditions, scales, and proprietary scale inhibitors encountered in practice.

The introduction of the Scale Kinetics and Inhibitor Tool (SKIT) in version 12 represents a significant advancement in scale prediction technology. SKIT allows users to input their own induction time data for any scale and any scale inhibitor, thereby enabling the calculation of kinetic effects as observed in laboratory or field conditions, provided that measured induction time data is available. This flexibility in data input allows for more accurate and tailored predictions, bridging the gap between theoretical models and real-world observations. Technically, SKIT is a major advancement in science and engineering, facilitating a level of complexity and precision in scale prediction that was previously unattainable. By incorporating kinetic data into scale prediction models, SKIT significantly enhances the capability to predict and manage scale formation, bringing these predictions closer to actual field conditions and improving operational efficiency and reliability.

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