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OLI simulation and modeling capabilities for the calculation of corrosion mechanisms outlined in American Petroleum Institute recommended practice 571 (API RP 571) when maintaining asset reliability in the refining industry.

Damage mechanisms in the refining industry are varied and extensive. API RP 571-2020 3rd edition “Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry and petrochemical industries” covers over 60 of these identified corrosion mechanisms that can take place in process equipment in refineries.

To manage equipment safely and improve reliability it is important to identify and understand the various damage mechanisms. In this spotlight, Ezequiel Vicent will cover how OLI simulation software helps refiners to rigorously calculate a sample of the corrosion mechanisms listed in API 571 to attain corrosion rates and perform thermodynamic calculations that uncover corrosive environments.

This analysis can help corrosion specialist to implement API Inspection Codes (API 510, API 570, API 653) and support the execution of risk-based inspection (API 580 and API 581).

Ezequiel Vicent

Director of Consulting