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Chinese language introduction to OLI Systems’ core simulation capabilities for the oil & gas industry

OLI Systems is the global leader in the simulation of electrolyte based industrial applications. With over 50 years of proven skills and experience in modeling complex electrolyte and water chemistry-based reactions and phenomena, specifically in the oil and gas industry. OLI has extensive experience delivering actionable insights to improve asset integrity, operations efficiency, and sustainability by accurately understanding mineral scaling, fouling, corrosion, production chemistry, water treatment and sustainability challenges.

This webinar is designed to serve as a broad awareness session for OLI’s electrolyte and water chemistry simulation capabilities. It is focused on the application of OLI’s core simulation capabilities to the rigorous and accurate simulation of Upstream Oil and Gas operations.

Key topics covered include:

  • Modeling of produced water
  • Mineral scale prediction
  • General and localized corrosion prediction
  • Scale inhibition (by predicting the amount of inhibitor required to control scale formation).

This presentation combines modeling theory with product demonstrations of OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer, ScaleChem and Corrosion Analyzer software to address specific Upstream oil and gas applications.

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AJ Gerbino

Vice President of Client Success