OLI Systems strengthens digital process optimization strategic focus with new board member.

Dave Sykes

Director of Marketing

OLI Systems warmly welcomes Dr. Steve Hall to our Board of Directors. Over the past several years, OLI Systems has deepened its participation in digital optimization projects and as we navigate through client’s mission-critical digitalization activities, Steve’s expertise will accelerate our strategic focus.

Steve brings to the table an impeccable track record and over 30 years of invaluable experience in process modeling and project optimization. Having earned his PhD from UMIST in the UK, with a specialization in advancing industrial utility systems and heat integration, Steve has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience across various sectors including oil and gas and pharmaceuticals. saw him championing the deployment of online model-based solutions across a myriad of industries, highlighting deep domain knowledge in digitalization, new technology adoption and online applications. This expertise is critical for OLI Systems as we advance our own opportunities in cloud and edge deployment.

Our CEO, Andy Rafal, expresses his enthusiasm: “As we deepen our engagements with top clients on pivotal digital optimization projects, Steve’s expertise becomes even more crucial. As we collaborate with our top clients on digital optimization, it’s clear that it’s not just about tech—it’s about understanding and relationships. Steve’s knack for building bridges and genuinely getting to the heart of client challenges sits squarely in line with OLI’s core values”. Andy added, “With Steve on board, our journey towards more integrated client solutions will undoubtedly gain momentum. His experience will serve as a catalyst, especially as we tap into the vast potential of edge deployment. Together with Steve, we anticipate faster, more impactful advancements for OLI.”

OLI Systems, a pioneer in delivering electrolyte-led digital optimization projects, places immense value not just on technological expertise but also on deep-rooted understanding and the fostering of client relationships, placing collaboration and insightful problem-solving at the helm of our operations. For further inquiries and collaborations, please reach out.