OLI Systems Secures $1 Million Contract with US DOE Critical Materials Innovation Hub to Advance Critical Materials Research

Dave Sykes

Director of Marketing

OLI Systems proudly announces a groundbreaking development in its commitment to driving innovation in critical materials research. Through a new contract with the Critical Materials Innovation Hub (CMI), OLI is poised to enhance its industry-leading research efforts in the extraction, purification, and refining of critical materials, including rare earth elements (REE), lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

As a founding member of CMI, with over a decade’s involvement, OLI has been a key research contributor to the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored Energy Innovation Hub. OLI continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of critical materials research. This third phase of CMI marks a significant expansion with new members in industry, universities and national laboratories.

Structured around four major focus areas – Enhancing and Diversifying Supply, Developing Substitutes, Building a Circular Economy, and Crosscutting Research – CMI represents a concerted effort to address critical materials challenges on a national scale. OLI’s unique position within the Crosscutting Research focus area, as the sole provider of process modeling and simulation solutions, underscores the company’s leadership in the field.

Led by Dr. Andre Anderko, OLI’s esteemed Chief Technology Officer and Dr. Gaurav Das, Senior Chemical Engineer, OLI’s technical experts will spearhead research initiatives aimed at optimizing experimental design and complex chemical processes. Initial projects identified include recycling components in solar panels, innovative solvent extraction processes for REEs, and novel approaches to lithium separation.

Dr. Anderko expressed his enthusiasm, “As OLI Systems embarks on this next phase with CMI, our team is energized to explore novel challenges in materials science. Through collaboration and cutting-edge research, we aim to address global issues that will contribute to enhancing resource efficiency and promoting a circular economy for critical materials. This effort not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also solidifies our role in advancing sustainable practices and technologies in the industry.”

“We are pleased with OLI’s continued membership at CMI. OLI rich simulation technology capabilities, deep expertise in critical materials processing and research collaboration will accelerate the productivity of our research initiatives and enable CMI to achieve our goals more rapidly and efficiently” according to Dr. Tom Lograsso, Director, Critical Materials Innovation Hub.

The recent CMI Kick-Off Meeting provided a platform for OLI to engage with the broader CMI community, including the delivery of a tutorial session on thermodynamic modeling. This partnership reaffirms OLI’s commitment to driving innovation in critical materials research and solidifies its position at the forefront of this increasingly vital sector.