OLI Systems partners with NAWI Simulation and Modeling team to accelerate water treatment simulation software development

Dave Sykes

Director of Marketing

OLI Systems, the global leader in delivering electrolyte based process modeling and simulation insights, today announces a formal partnership with the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI), to demonstrate a proof of concept (POC) for mineral scale prediction in the NAWI simulation software platform with the OLI Engine integration using OLI Cloud APIs.

NAWI was established in 2019 by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DoE) to enhance the USA’s competitiveness in water treatment. NAWI activities are led by a team at NREL (National Renewable Energy Labs) and NETL (National Energy Technology Labs), headquartered at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. The focus for NAWI is to accelerate water treatment research, development and commercialization through partnerships across government labs, research organizations, academic institutions and commercial enterprises. The NAWI Modeling and Simulation team selected OLI as a strategic partner to co-develop the water treatment process simulation software because of their established leadership in electrolyte and water chemistry-based process simulation, which is critical to many aspects of water treatment.

During the first 12 months, this partnership will jumpstart NAWI’s capabilities by leveraging over 50 years of water chemistry innovation backed by over $150 million investment in the OLI platform; the OLI platform has the most comprehensive chemistry property database with over 6000 species, with unique thermodynamic models and industrial strength software that can be accessed on-premises or on the cloud. The NAWI simulation software will integrate with the OLI Cloud APIs to access these capabilities.

Dr Andre Anderko, Chief Technology Officer of OLI Systems, said of the partnership “With a rich and successful history of partnering with the DoE and various national labs and research institutes over the last 5 decades to develop new electrolyte and water chemistry simulation capabilities, OLI is very well positioned to successfully collaborate with the NAWI team and enable the successful development and commercialization of water treatment simulation software.”

After successfully demonstrating this integration to predict mineral scaling in the first 3 months, additional use cases for chemistry behavior in water treatment process will be implemented in the NAWI simulation software. During this period, a more comprehensive phase II proposal that includes deeper integration options to predict other chemistry and corrosion phenomena as well as delivering enhanced functionality to the software will be developed.

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