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Webinar – The new OLI Cloud Platform for industrial digital transformation

Complimentary 60 minute webinar

OLI Systems brings fifty years of electrolyte simulation to join clients in partnership towards their digital transformation goals. This discussion will center around the V11 capabilities which OLI has developed to be that strong partner – specifically the OLI Cloud APIs for automation of electrolyte calculations and OLI Cloud Apps to empower all types of users with electrolyte insights. OLI Systems through thoughtful application of our new technologies strives to enhance customers’ processes and allow customers to excel. With V11 we cover technology by democratizing electrolyte simulations to the whole organization. We recognize the importance of process updates to use this new information; equally important to DX is ensuring that your people are ready to consume this new information. We strive to provide process improvements and training to support these powerful simulation technologies being newly exposed to operations and maintenance organizations. OLI’s V11 Platform cloud tools are available from any connected device. For the APIs we are using commercially available connectors and integration tools that will enable the automation of results to customers’ existing platforms, and things that they know, JSON and PYTHON.

For more details, visit /new-oli-platform

Event Date:

May 18, 2021 EST