OLI Systems at ADIPEC 2023: A Vision for a Sustainable Future

Samir Ujam

Director of Commercial and Technical Sales – EMEA & APAC

ADIPEC 2023 is setting the stage for global energy leaders, and OLI Systems is poised to make a significant mark. From unveiling pioneering digital solutions to emphasizing our commitment to the Middle East, OLI Systems encapsulates a vision for a sustainable and technologically driven future.

A Dynamic Presence at ADIPEC 2023

At ADIPEC 2023, OLI Systems is on a mission. Our aim is to expand our awareness around our groundbreaking technologies designed to drive the energy transition and enhance environmental quality in the Middle East. Digital transformation solutions, like the CO Transport Cloud App, will showcase our commitment to elevating operational excellence.

Engagement remains at the heart of OLI’s participation. We are eager to foster dialogues with clientele, potential partners, and innovative players in areas like clean hydrogen production, transport, and storage. ADIPEC serves as the perfect platform for OLI to find synergies, collaborations, and opportunities to transform ideas into tangible outcomes.

Global Energy Outlook: 2023-24

The global energy market is experiencing a paradigm shift towards sustainability. From the accelerated embrace of clean energy sources to the unwavering commitment to decarbonization, the world is reimagining its energy future. Despite challenges, the geopolitical landscape, especially around fossil fuels, remains stable. Additionally, the surge in investments from both government and private sectors paints a promising picture for technological advancements and a resilient energy future.

Energy Transition & Decarbonization: OLI’s Strategic Approach

OLI Systems is leading the way in the energy transition by prioritizing areas such as CO Capture, Critical Materials Processing, Geothermal Energy Production, Clean Hydrogen economy, and Water/wastewater Treatment. Our advanced process modeling tools and collaborations with renowned entities like the US Department of Energy and the Institute for Energy Technology, Norway, underscore this commitment.

While we acknowledge the industry’s progress in decarbonization, we intend to use ADIPEC to stress the need for increased investments from the commercial sector; with the aim of helping businesses to establish pilot projects with the support of our expert team and robust modeling solutions and fostering collaboration across the ecosystem is essential for realizing a low-carbon future.

Emergent Technologies & Innovations: OLI’s Vision

Digital technologies, particularly those integrating process simulation with AI and ML, are reshaping the global energy industry. OLI is at the forefront, offering solutions that create digital twins for optimal efficiency. At ADIPEC 2023, attendees can witness the unveiling of OLI’s Operations Excellence Solutions, blending insights with operational data.

OLI’s offerings like the Cloud Apps Builder and innovative capabilities in managing mineral scaling signify their dedication to industry transformation. Likewise, our expanding corrosion prediction database promises to redefine equipment reliability and efficiency across various sectors.

The Strategic Importance of ADIPEC and the Middle East

For OLI Systems, ADIPEC isn’t just another event. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and align with evolving market needs. The Middle East, with its unique challenges and opportunities, remains a focal point in OLI’s global strategy.

OLI’s commitment to the region is evident in their efforts to tailor solutions to its unique challenges. From strengthening their technological prowess to scouting for strategic partnerships, OLI Systems envisions a transformative contribution to the Middle East.

As ADIPEC 2023 unfolds, OLI Systems is not just showcasing its products but emphasizing a vision, a commitment, and a roadmap to a sustainable energy future.