From knowledge to wisdom, discoveries from OLI INSIGHTS Houston.

Dave Sykes

Director of Marketing

Earlier this month, members of the OLI team gathered with local users at OLI INSIGHTS Houston at The Woodlands Resort, for a day dedicated to the future of electrolyte modeling and simulation. This event provided a platform of innovation, insight and invaluable networking.

The user conference featured a range of discussions around industry 4.0, energy transition and decarbonization. The event spotlighted the shift towards digital solutions, including machine learning and automated chemistry, illustrating the transformative power of digital innovation in reshaping industries.

OLI INSIGHTS showcases accessible solutions for the entire asset lifecycle.

Previously, OLI solution could have been perceived to be only accessible to highly specialized experts in thermodynamics within research and development departments of energy and chemical companies. OLI INSIGHTS highlighted that we have made significant progress in broadening this access to include process engineers, materials and metallurgical engineers, as well as field engineers and operators, through our technology and technical support services. At OLI INSIGHTS there was a keen focus on the full lifecycle of customer assets, showcasing solutions from design, through material selection, into operations and beyond with asset protection and optimization.

A hot topic within the agenda and during the networking sessions was the expansive impact of CCUS (carbon capture, utilization, storage) across different sectors. It was highlighted by many, the critical challenges and opportunities in CO2 management, provoking deep conversations and showcasing the urgency and passion within industries, particularly oil and gas, which are directly impacted by these challenges.

Points of conversation ranged from the difficulties of regulations and permitting to the technical and passionate debates surrounding CO2 supply chain issues. This variety provided a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and the significant hurdles in capturing, transporting, storing, and utilizing CO2, a matter that many industries are grappling with. Understanding thermodynamics is critical to understanding the process completely – Feedback from attendees shows that OLI’s leadership in this area is a big differentiator.

Among the technical highlights was a presentation that demonstrated the exceptional value of OLI’s contributions to tackling these challenges. A case study was shared on the use of OLI solutions to prove operating limits for specialized systems, as a necessity to adapt to novel conditions; a success story we aim to replicate in future engagements.

The impact of networking and social Interactions at OLI INSIGHTS

The day was not just about technical learnings; the social aspects, particularly the networking sessions, played a crucial role in enriching the experience. These moments facilitated personal connections, allowing participants to engage in discussions and build lasting relationships, not only with the OLI team but also with one another.

Feedback from the event underscored a surprise revelation about the lean yet dynamic support structure behind OLI’s sales and consulting efforts, highlighting the nimble and versatile approach of its team in covering a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Empowering Decision-Making Through Digital Transformation 

“It’s crucial to understand that having access to vast amounts of information doesn’t equate to wisdom. Wisdom comes from applying that knowledge in ways that lead to insightful decision-making”.

The keynote on Digital Transformation, delivered by Laura Tibodeau, explored the distinction between knowledge and wisdom, emphasizing the importance of not just having information but also the insights and decision-making prowess it can empower. This theme resonated through the event, with OLI’s solutions showcasing their role in not just the digital transformation journey but also in the energy transition, through traditional research, consulting, software and innovative cloud integrations.

Reflecting on the day, it’s evident that the discussions and connections made at OLI INSIGHTS Houston have set a forward trajectory for tackling decarbonization challenges and the energy transition. With a collective focus on innovation, sustainability, and the digital frontier, the insights and relationships forged during OLI INSIGHTS Houston are poised to drive success in an ever-evolving landscape.

We are grateful for the new things we learn with our users during the event!