Peiming Wang

Senior Scientist and OLI Fellow

Peiming Wang is a primary member of the Properties & Materials Team of OLI Systems, Inc. She has joined OLI since 1998 and has played a key role in the development of models for electrolyte thermodynamics and thermophysical properties of solutions, which provide the core part of the OLI software and technology for the modeling and simulation of electrolyte chemistry applications and for process design and optimization by industries including oil & gas, metals & mining, nuclear energy, chemicals, water management, utilities, and defense.

With a strong background and extensive experiences in the field of thermodynamics, solution chemistry and electrolyte theories, Dr. Wang is highly skilled in electrolyte modeling techniques. She has made significant contributions to OLI’s Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte thermodynamic modeling and the comprehensive thermophysical property databases to provide OLI’s clients with highly unique and rigorous solutions in a wide variety of applications to accurately predict properties and chemical & phase behavior in complex systems of aqueous, non-aqueous, and mixed-solvent electrolytes. She has authored more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings. She is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Solution Chemistry since 2007.