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OLI fuels digital journey with revolutionary simulation apps

Article published by Oil & Gas News.

May 2021

The new cloud platform allows electrolyte simulation data to be propagated across customer organisations thus enabling automation and simplifying digital transformation projects,


KBC and OLI Systems announce predictive software solution to mitigate USD 65 billion/year corrosion and scaling problems across the oil and gas industry

Petro-SIM and the OLI Alliance Engine digital twin mitigates operational risk, increases efficiency, and prevents revenue loss.

June 2020

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) is extending its Petro-SIM® simulation capabilities through its partnership with OLI Systems, the leader in electrolyte thermodynamics and physical property modeling.


The New OLI Systems platform V10 boosts operational efficiency, reliability and compliance with actionable insights

Unique innovations tackle complex industrial water chemistry-based process modeling challenges

September 2019

The new OLI Platform V10 enhances process design, operations performance, regulatory compliance and modeling productivity.


Announcing new modeling and simulation capabilities in OLI Systems platform V9.6.2

A combination of new data parameters, thermodynamic framework and software innovations for Upstream Oil & Gas, Industrial Water Treatment and Rare Earth Minerals to enable higher process reliability, efficiency and engineering productivity

December 2018

Today we are excited to announce the availability of OLI Systems Platform v9.6.2 with several new, unique capabilities that provide significant benefits for industrial process modeling, simulation and asset design. Key new capabilities include new surface complexation simulation for industrial water treatment, new thermodynamic model for multi-phase heavy hydrocarbons, new software capabilities for increased simulation productivity and new rigorous, electrolyte simulation capability for rare earth elements.


KBC and OLI Partner

August 2018

KBC to bring together the Energy and Chemical industry’s strongest electrolyte thermodynamics and physical property modeling capabilities into Petro-SIM® through a new strategic partnership with OLI Systems 

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OLI Sponsors TMS Webinar Series on Corrosion Fundamentals

August 2018

The Corrosion Fundamentals Webinar Series establishes the groundwork to build specific expertise in corrosion characterization and testing techniques and failure analysis, by providing a strong, fundamental understanding of chemistry, thermodynamics, and kinetics theory as applied to corrosion. The series provides a convenient, cost-effective approach to gaining a broad knowledge base from which to build specific expertise in corrosion research and management, as well as failure analysis. 

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Breakthrough REE and aqueous sulfate simulation capability

June 2018

As part of OLI Systems' participation in the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), OLI has developed a thermodynamic parameters that predicts phase equilibria in aqueous systems containing rare earth sulfates, sulfuric acid and/or sodium sulfate. Systematic trends are revealed as a function of crystal cationic radii for the solubility of double Na-REE sulfate salts.  

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KWA Kenwalt Australia and OLI partner for ALTA 

May 2018

OLI has partnered with KWA Kenwalt Australia in bringing rigorous chemistry analysis to SysCAD, a heat and material balance flowsheet simulator for mineral processing. Using the OLI Engine: Developer Edition, KWA developed an OLI reactor block within SysCAD that will allow OLI properties to be calculated as one of the blocks in the traditional SysCAD flowsheet. This combines the best of both packages for a strategic offering available through either company.

Keith Armstrong's presentation on this product at the OLI Simulation Conference
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New OLI Systems platform V9.6 fuels richer, more accurate insights for process design in capital-intensive industries

A combination of industry-leading data parameters, thermodynamic frameworks, and software innovations tackle complex water chemistry challenges
April 2018

OLI Systems, Inc. starts with the ability to understand how combinations of chemicals react and what by-products are produced in controlled lab environments. Moving into the real world, OLI simulations empower clients to tailor the theory, for example by suppressing certain chemical speciations so models become relevant to industrial and commercial applications. Successful modeling and simulation requires a comprehensive database of material properties together with rigorous thermodynamic and kinetic models, software development skills, and most importantly, deep domain expertise in the underlying chemistry of the commercial applications.

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OLI announces a new Sales, Client Success & Support team

April 2018

Effective 1 March, OLI has created an internal sales, client success & support function in order to give us even greater client focus, better align our innovation roadmap with current and future market requirements, expand our ability to serve customers globally and position us to deliver more value to clients. To seed this new function, OLI has brought the entire AQSIM team into OLI.  AQSim has been a proven leader in process modeling sales, and its principals Pat McKenzie and AJ Gerbino are leading OLI sales efforts.  To lead this new sales, client success & support function, OLI has hired Vineeth Ram, as Chief Revenue Officer. Vineeth is an engineer by training , a former Hewlett Packard Enterprise Executive with two and half decades of  leadership skills in Operations and Information Technology.

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NACE 2018 A.B.Campbell award given to OLI collaborator, Dr. Liu Cao
April 2018

Dr. Liu Cao of DNV-GL is the recipient of the A.B. Campbell Award,, an award given in recognition of the most outstanding paper by a young author published in Materials Performance or CORROSION each year. The paper, "Locallized Corrosion of Corrosion Resistant Alloys in IAS-containing Environments," CORROSION. May 2016, vol. 72. No. 5. pp. 636-654, reflects Dr. Cao's experimental work in measuring repassivation potential and Dr. Andre Anderko, OLI, modeling work in the OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer.

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RO Membrane block in OLI Flowsheet: ESP is in pre-release
Updated March  2018

RO Membrane is the first of new specialized water treatment blocks in OLI Flowsheet: ESP.  This block brings rigorous electrolyte chemistry to reverse osmosis calculations, using manufacturer's specifications first as a base case to establish an agreement with manufacturers versus OLI, then with YOUR chemistry to see how that particular membrane will perform with your particular chemistry. OLI currently is working with several companies as beta testers for this important new block.

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OLI Engine in CADSIM is available to clients
Updated March 2018

CADSIM Plus is a chemical process simulation software that can perform mass and energy balances and simulate dynamic conditions. There is a full-featured Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) front-end that allows application to many processes. CADSIM has 30+ years experience and expertise in the pulp and paper industry, as well as application to other industries including food processing, forest products, water treatment, etc. OLI can now be used within CADSIM Plus to calculate a pH or to define the chemical and physical properties of a stream at a given point in the process.

The OLI Engine in CADSIM is available through the purchase of OLI Engine: Developer Edition. 
Aurel System's example application video
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OLI helps prepare curriculum for engineering design class
January 2018

OLI has partnered with the University of Tennessee to develop a case study for a senior engineering design class.  Using OLI Flowsheet: ESP, students will prepare designs to achieve a merchant grade phosphoric acid. Professor Robert (Pete) Counce from UT and Rasika Nimkar from OLI’s Customer Success Team have worked together to make this happen. As a global thought leader in electrolyte modeling, OLI is committed to bringing water chemistry simulation to our next generation of engineers. OLI’s simulation experts are ready to work with your school today. Contact us to find out how!

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MSE SRK: A new electrolyte thermodynamic model 
January 2018

OLI is introducing the MSE-SRK thermodynamic model.  This model is a combination of MSE (Mixed Solvent Electrolytes) for electrolyte systems and SRK (Soave-Redlich-Kwong) for the gas phase and the second liquid, or non-electrolyte phase. The MSE-SRK model is targeted at oil and gas production and will address the limitation in the MSE model when handling supercritical components at elevated pressures, as well as the MSE phase discontinuities for mixtures containing supercritical components at transition points between vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equillbria.

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OLI Chemistry in Refining Overheads II - investigating further validation of the amine chloride chemistry

Updated January 2018

OLI and AQSim have initiated the Chemistry in Refining Overheads II program to commission measurements on selected amine hydrochlorides. These measurements will be used to validate the present OLI database for predicting amine-hydrochloride deposition or condensation. If and where discrepancies are found between the existing model predictions and the new laboratory measurements, the OLI database will be updated using the new measurements.

This resulting work, experimental data, and modified database will be held proprietary to members for a period of 18 months following program completion. 

This consortium started in June 2017; however you can join us too! The program is open to late-join members and your participation will allow us to expand the slate of amines we are investigating.  

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On to the future: OLI Appoints Andy Rafal as President and Chief Executive Officer

November 2017

OLI is appointing Andy Rafal as its President and Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.  We are invigorated by the conclusion of a year-long strategic review process that resulted in a family recapitalization that keeps OLI as a strong, stable, family-run company with a mandate for investment in strategic growth.  The new leadership team at OLI will consist of Andy Rafal as CEO, Andre Anderko as CTO, Brian Rouzer as CFO, Chris Depetris as Vice President of Software and James Berthold as Vice President of Customer Service.  OLI will continue to work closely with its principal sales agents, Pat McKenzie and A.J. Gerbino at AQSim and Kohtaroh Tanaka at SimTech. Marshall Rafal, founder and longtime CEO, will remain actively involved as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OLI Systems.  

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OLI Flowsheet: ESP is ready for you!
April 2017

OLI has developed a new product, a new User Interface for an electrolyte flowsheet simulator, ESP Original. The new product is called OLI Flowsheet: ESP. This software was released in December  and is now available for licensing  and for upgrading in 2017 renewals. 

What can you expect from OLI Flowsheet: ESP?
- Electrolyte flowsheet simulation designed into the calculations and reports
- Wide choice of block selection (most ESP Original blocks)
- ESP Original’s powerful calculation engine

Please take a look at our short video: 

Learn more at AQSim's website:

OLI Simulations in Refining is a new class developed by OLI's lead trainer, AQSim

Updated April 2017

AQSim has developed a new one-day class, OLI Simulations in Refining. The target audience for this class is refining engineers who are interested / would like to learn more about ionic modeling. The first class was held in Galveston TX  in January. This class may be scheduled on demand. Let us know of your interest! 
Class description

ScaleChem Standard has been replaced by OLI Studio: ScaleChem
Updated January 2017


OLI Systems, Inc. has announcing the end of sales for ScaleChem Standard, effective January 4, 2017. Maintenance support for existing ScaleChem Standard installations will be available until December 31, 2017.

OLI appreciates and supports the diversity of applications in our client base, and our strategy has been to support all products in our current product slate. However, ScaleChem Standard  is now twenty-year old software.  Its architecture and application are dated, and its features and functions do not effectively meet the increasingly technical needs of upstream users.  Most importantly it does not support our newest mixed solvent electrolyte (MSE) thermodynamic framework.

OLI strategy going forward is to develop advanced upstream applications and thermodynamics in OLI Studio: ScaleChem.  OLI Studio: ScaleChem has a modern and connected interface and has access to both AQ and MSE thermodynamic frameworks.  These improvements increase application purview, speed up case generation, and make it easier to interpret results; all of which increases productivity. Request announcement

OLI awarded funding next year through Critical Materials Institute

June 2016   

OLI has just completed its third year of research within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute (CMI). CMI serves as a hub of the Department of Energy to spearhead research on rare earth elements. This research includes diversifying the supply of rare earths, developing efficient recycling processes and finding substitutes for the industry.


In a recent project, OLI provided thermodynamic support to study the effect of rare earth elements (REEs) on biological activity in wastewaters. Researchers from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are investigating if the presence of REEs can impair the functioning of waste treatment plants. The effect of REEs depends on their solubility. OLI’s MSE model has been used to predict the solubility and to see which stable or metastable solids can control the bioavailability of REEs. More details are available in this paper: (here a link to the nitrification paper).


In another project, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory studied an innovative process to extract and recover REEs using genetically engineered bacteria. The bacterial cell surfaces are modified to include short peptides called the lanthanide binding tags, which preferentially bind REEs from aqueous solutions. After adsorbing the REEs, it necessary to strip them from the surface to design a practical separation process. Here, OLI’s MSE model has been used to understand the complexation of REEs, which is necessary for stripping. In agreement with the MSE predictions, citrate ions were found to be effective stripping agents. For more details, please see this paper: (here a link to the bioadsorption paper).


Other projects are under way and we will report on them in the near future.


Andre Anderko elected NACE Fellow

March  2016   

OLI’s Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer Andre Anderko has been elected a Fellow of NACE International. The honor of NACE Fellow is given in recognition of distinguished contributions in the field of corrosion and its prevention and to develop a broadly-based forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisers to the Association. As stated in the citation, Andre has been elected for his contributions to corrosion prediction through modeling the electrochemistry and corrosion in complex chemical processes.


James Feather, the President of NACE International, wrote: “The sustained contributions you have made to corrosion control have been well recognized over the years. It is obvious that the selection panel could not have made a better choice by selecting you as a NACE Fellow.”


The honor has been bestowed on Andre at the CORROSION 2016 conference in Vancouver on March 9, 2016.