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The newest capabilities in the OLI Platform

In this Spotlight Seminar we present an introduction to some of the newest features, functions, and chemistry available in OLI Studio. A key highlight in this on-demand video is the new Flowsheet:ESP optimizer tool. This tool enables users to tune their simulation to laboratory and field measurements and tackle complex water chemistry-based operations challenges in oil & gas, water treatment, mining, power generation and chemicals industries.

Also covered in the webinar are the new chemistries for battery materials (Li/Ni/Co) and other rare earth metals, as well as an enhanced corrosion database for carbon steel and corrosion-resistant alloys. Additionally, we showcase the expanded MSE database with nearly 200 new species, species-interactions, and property improvements, new case file templates and introduce the new start-stop-restart function.

Ezequiel Vicent

Senior Application Engineer

Mike Kochevar

Vice President of Sales