• pH neutralization

  • Scaling and fouling of equipment

  • Multi-stage and multi-unit improvements

  • Effluent discharge limits

  • Regulatory and liability issues

  • Water and off-gas treatment

  • Chemical corrosion effects of acid gases

  • Gas sweetening

  • MEG reclamation

  • Stripping and scrubbing

  • Tailings pond management


 OLI Engine + Alliance Partners

OLI as a property method within commercial flowsheet simulators

Combine the rigor of OLI’s electrolyte approach with your preferred flowsheet simulation package. When you need an electrolyte model within your flowsheet simulator, OLI recommends one of our Alliance Partner products. These include Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, PRO/II, UniSim Design, gPROMS, and IDEAS.

 OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Electrolyte Simulation Program

When you have an electrolyte-primary or an electrolyte-only process to model, consider ESP (Electrolyte Simulation Program).This electrolyte flowsheet simulator offers a variety of units, multi-stage units, controllers and recycles.

OLI Flowsheet: ESP is a flowsheet simulator targeted for industrial water treatment, including the capability to model reverse osmosis simulation.

OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

A virtual electrolyte chemistry laboratory on your PC

This is the base product of the OLI Studio. For in-depth electrolytechemistry studies, OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer is the optimal OLI product. With acces to both the AQ and MSE models.this OLI software componentstudies single point equilibrium calculations, surveys of temperature, pressure,pH and composition, and simple mixes and splits.

OLI Studio: ScaleChem

Rigorous upstream production chemistry analysis

OLI Studio: ScaleChem is an add-on product focused on mineral scale prediction for oil and gas production scenarios. With requirements specified by OLI's Produced Water Group consortium, this product has many features designed specifically for production chemistry, including calculations that model well profiles, mixing waters, reservoir saturation and facilities operations.

 OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer

 Understanding the chemistry of the corrosion environment 

This add-on to the OLI Studio focuses on understanding the corrosion environment and specifically, electrolyte effects on this environment. The unique features of this tool include: real-solution Pourbaix Diagrams and Stability Diagrams; computer-generated polarization curves; a (chemical) kinetic rates of corrosion model; localized corrosion indicators; and, an Extreme Value Statistics (EVS) model for calculating remaining asset life. 


 OLI Engine: Developer Edition

Acces to OLI from your own programs

Using either the Core Interface or the OLI API, software developers are able to imbed OLI calculations within other programs. Some applications include calling OLI from your own proprietary simulator, from a quick application in MS Excel using VBA, or from a data screening tool where an automated OLI call can determine possible scale.