OLI Systems Platform V10

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

The New OLI Systems platform V10 accelerates industrial process insights


Unique data properties and simulation software innovations tackle complex water chemistry-based operations challenges in oil & gas, water treatment, mining, power generation and chemicals industries


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OLI Systems, Inc. delivers insights for industrial process design and analysis through rigorous electrolyte chemistry-based process modeling solutions. This is a result of 48 years of research and development in electrolyte science, that has produced state-of-the-science electrolyte thermodynamic models with supporting underlying data validation. 

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OLI Platform v10 data sheet (pdf)

Quick overview on the upcoming OLI release


Data Sheets for Industry

DATA SHEET Upstream Oil and Gas (pdf)

DATA SHEET Downstream Oil and Gas (pdf)

DATA SHEET Industrial Water Treatment (pdf)

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think simulation | getting the chemistry right

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