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Transforming electrolyte chemistry modeling applications


Industry is realizing greater performance, yields, cost-efficiencies, and more widespread applications including faster time to market



10 reasons why OLI simulation technology is superior to a PHREEQC solution.

Everything you want to know about electrolyte modeling...


The presentation from OLI's H2O Theater, given at the IWC, where the three elements of industrial water treatment simulation are described with an index to OLI application templates 

Technical basis for OLI membrane technology


OLI Systems brings their cutting edge technology to reverse osmosis membranes. In this paper, OLI Systems' Prodip Kundu describes the approach and equations that were used in developing the OLI Systems' RO membrane block in OLI Flowsheet: ESP.

OLI warm lime softening - lime and magox silcate reactions modeling


A presentation given by Dr. Peramanu, CNRL at IAPWS on a key OLI simulation capabilty for this COSIA application.

OLI simulation for Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

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OLI's new RO membrane in Flowsheet: ESP applied to a desalination plant located in the middle-east and built to World Health Organization standard. 

The Effects of Chemistry in Precipitation


A struvite + phosphate application using struvite as a method to recover phosphate from waste water. 

Technical basis for OLI membrane technology

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A paper explaining OLI reverse osmosis simulation that can help design or optimize a membrane process, and screen different membranes to find the optimal membrane for a given application - and independent of any membrane vendor.

OLI Platform V10 Data Sheet for Industrial Water Treatment

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Accelerate process modeling insights for Industrial Water Treatment with the new OLI Platform V10

OLI simulation for industrial water treatment

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Rigorous chemistry - surface reactions and kinetics - and relevant unit blocks are 3 elements essential for industrial water treatment  simulation.

Removing heavy metals from wastewater stream


This seminar features a few different methods for removing metals from water including chemical precipitation, surface complexation, ion exchange and evaporation.