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OLI as a property method in commercial flowsheet simulators

One flowsheet simulation practice when working with electrolytes is to use the pure component H₂O to represent an aqueous process stream. Then, offline of the flowsheet, some approximation of the behavior of the stream can be estimated or calculated.

It is not necessary to work this way, and it will lead to the wrong answer! 


The wrong answer is worse than no answer at all. Electrolyte chemistry can be complex and challenging to understand and predict, especially for real industrial systems containing many components and operating over broad ranges of temperature, pressure, and concentration. 

Simplified aqueous modeling and computational approaches using approximations are usually useless - or worse - dangerously misleading, when applied to real world applications.

Add OLI as a property method


There is no need to switch from your preferred flowsheet simulator to rigorously calculate the electrolyte sections of your flowsheet. There is an advantage to staying with a UI that you know, with features that are powerful and tailored to your work process.


By adding the OLI Engine to your commercial simulator, you can combine the rigor of OLI’s electrolyte approach with your preferred flowsheet simulation package. When you need an electrolyte model within your flowsheet simulator, OLI recommends one of our joint Alliance Partner products.


By specifying OLI as a property package within any of our Alliance Partner products, you can accurately account for the electrolytes in your system. This technology uses the same OLI Engine that is used in OLI standalone products.

  • *NEW* OLI Engine in Petro-SIM

Partners with KBC

KBC to bring together the Energy and Chemical industry’s strongest electrolyte thermodynamics and physical property modeling capabilities into Petro-SIM® through a new strategic partnership with OLI Systems

  •  OLI Engine in SysCAD

Partners with KWA Kenwalt Australia

Kwa Kenwalt Australia has developed a novel approach to adding OLI into SysCAD. SysCAD made a special OLI Reactor block that will calculate OLI properties at a given point in the SysCAD flowsheet order, bringing the rigor of OLI chemistry to this important mineral processing heat and material balance software.

  • OLI Engine in Aspen Plus / OLI Engine in Aspen HYSYS

Partners with Aspen Technology

OLI's specialty product fits well within AspenTech's comprehensive suite of engineering tools, adding value to AspenTech's electrolyte capabilities when tough electrolyte problems occur.|

  • OLI Engine in gPROMS

Partners with Process Systems Enterprise

When gPROMS is your simulator of choice, check this joint product that brings electrolyte rigor to the gPROMS system.

  • OLI Engine in IDEAS

Partners with Andritz Automation

OLI brings chemistry to IDEAS mass, energy, and momentum balances for hydraulic / thermodynamic systems.

  • OLI MSE Engine in PRO/II

Partners with AVEVA

SimSci was our first Alliance Partner in a relationship of nearly 30 years. Clients currently can use OLI simulation when they purchase Pro/II Electrolytes with a subset of the OLI AQ model. PRO/II clients can now select either the subset databank or the complete OLI databank system including the MSE model.

  • OLI Engine in UniSim Design

Partners with Honeywell

Honeywell's team has implemented OLI as a property method for both the MSE and AQ models.