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Enhancing process water management with rigorous chemistry insights



The water treatment landscape is undergoing major shifts that are challenging companies to evolve their approach to technology, chemistry, and mathematics. With the development of superior tools and capabilities, the industry is performing more efficiently, cost-effectively, and environmentally friendly than ever. Today’s companies must capitalize on these advancements to streamline operations, respond rapidly to market needs, and ensure compliance. Complying with environmental regulations is vital to operating in an effective and ecofriendly. Environmental regulations provide strict guidelines for gas, water, and solid waste—some of which require scrubbing noxious components like SOx, NOx, Hg, and other pollutants from gases, reducing or eliminating waste water discharge to the environment, and anticipating and preventing dangerous chemical reactions. When harmful components affect water-based processes, they can trigger results like changes in pH or temperature, which can have a severe impact on the environment.