Virtual 1x1 Meetings with OLI Experts

on the Science of Electrolyte Chemistry

For a limited time, OLI is offering the opportunity to engage with our world renowned experts and gain deep technical insights.
  • Andre Anderko

    Chief Technology Officer

    As CTO, Andre Anderko is responsible for the development of OLI’s physical property and corrosion models and associated databases. In his 25 years with OLI, Andre has managed numerous sponsored research projects, which have created the foundation for OLI’s MSE and MSE-SRK thermodynamic models and for methods for predicting general and localized corrosion.



    Thermophysical properties

    Electrolyte Chemistry


    Solution Chemistry


  • Jim Berthold

    Vice President

    Client Support

    ​Jim is an extraordinary inorganic chemist who has worked with thousands of OLI clients in his 30 years with the company. He has a unique ability to both apply and troubleshoot the OLI model in a wide variety of client applications.




    Electrolyte Chemistry


  • AJ Gerbino

    Vice President 

    Client Success

    ​AJ brings simulation experience from hundreds of OLI Simulation Studies he has performed on behalf of clients. The lead instructor for OLI trainings, AJ teaches 20+ classes per year in OLI best practices, at OLI, via web, and regionally throughout the world.


    Geologic water

    Produced water

    Mineral-water chemistry

    Surface reactions

  • Diana Miller

    Application Engineer

    As an Application Engineer, Diana provides support to client’s engineering, modeling, and simulation projects involving electrolyte processes and corrosion applications in a wide variety of industry applications. Diana also provides seminars and training workshops on OLI Software to clients, both on-site and online, in the following topics: basics of electrolytes, basics of scaling and corrosion simulation, and basics of process simulation.


    Chemical Engineering 

    Corrosion Engineering


  • Zeke Vicent

    Senior Application Engineer

    Ezequiel is a Sr. Application Engineer with 11 years’ experience in the oil refining and petrochemical industries. He specializes in industrial and operational processes, as well as process modeling in various industries. Ezequiel also provides support in the basics of process simulation and consulting services using OLI Software Packages.


    Chemical Engineering, Refining, Petrochemicals, Utilities,  Process Simulation, Pinch Analysis

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